Selena Gomez Says Justin Bieber ‘Prefers Models’ Over Her on Instagram


The JELENA drama still hasn’t ended. After replying to a comment about Justin Bieber on her Instagram account, obviously Selena had been affected by Justin’s string of models he had dated after her.

In an Instagram photo posted (May23), a fan commented saying “@justinbieber: oooo you better get her back boy,” to which Selena replied with: “No. He’d rather models.”


Apparently, Selena was affected by the rumors of Justin dating one model to the next.

Justin was recently linked to models like Kendal Jenner, Yovanna Ventura, Chantel Jeffries, Adriana Lima & Barbara Palvin.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Smilesometimes

    Now she’s causing drama, like really why do you even have to say that

  • exposingsmg.tumblr.com/

    Selena always causes drama

    • Belieber4ever

      Yes she does!

  • Belieber

    She always has to start drama, dont she?

  • danielle womble


    • Lailani

      Uh they have history together

  • Ocean

    What did the first person say? (The first person Selena replied)

    • Emily

      Right does anyone know ?

  • Justin’s Belieber

    i’m not being mean or anything but i think justin is either trying to move on from selena or he already moved on from her. It just seems like he’s always around models now.

  • lambor500S

    Jelena, will never be over unless one of them
    get married to an unknown. Just give it some time and we will be reading a new article stating Justin and Selena are on again.


      Yep i agree

  • Lia

    Ugh I can’t stand her when she do that face.

  • Heather

    If Justin wanted to be around others girls well that’s his fault nobody said to date Selena Gomez now he is stuck with her for the rest of his life.

    • Smilesometimes

      No because he doesn’t have to be with her of he doesn’t want to , so it’s not his fault, and they’re not together, I think he’s trying to move on, but Selena keeps bringing it up tbh, I think everyone was starting to move on until she pulled this stunt

  • Birk

    Justin isn’t dating those women because they are models, but because they are nicer and treat him better than Selena did.

    • Lailani

      Uh they have history together and have gone through so much together

      • Belieber4ever

        History is PAST!

      • exposingsmg.tumblr.com/

        is that all you can say is that these two have a history? Justin and Caitlin also has a history, so did Justin and Jasmine Villegas. If anyone that he had a history with would be Caitlin and i would imagine she is his first love not Selena. You need to get over the whole “jelena” thing they are done and it’s the PAST. When Justin finds a new girlfriend he’s going to create a new history with her.

  • Allie

    I honestly feel bad for her IK a lot of other beliebers don’t but I do and I thinks it’s because I think she still has feelings for him

    • Sam

      This. She feels burned or betrayed by either him going to other women instead of trying to work things out or that he moved on faster than her. It’s natural and it’s a part of the end of every relationship. Leave her be, let her vent and let her heal.

      • Amber

        Why are you acting like Justin Treated selena like crap when it’s the other way around? Selena is a manipulative B*tch and rightfully so. Justin is much better without her

      • Sam

        @Amber Never said Justin treated her like crap so don’t put words in my mouth. I said I’m sure she FEELS betrayed, not that he actually did. When relationships like that that went on for so long and were so passionate come to an unhappy ending, it’s only natural to feel betrayed, hurt, angry, especially when one of the two starts to move on. Which is why I set to just leave her be, it’s all part of the healing process to get her feelings out. There’s no ill-will here, it’s just naturally venting so she can get her anger out of her system and start over. And besides, except for rumors and hearsay we have no idea why they broke up or how so we shouldn’t take anyone’s side, we should just wish them both the best of luck.

  • swethlana

    I agree, he is trying to move on ….and Selena seems to be deeply hurt

  • Sarah Bieber

    wait, i thought she deleted her account

    • Lailani

      They are so adorable together.

  • bieber’s sexgod

    Its true I even saw it but Selena is pathetic always trying a find away to get pity and make justin seem like the bad guy when he was hurting the most when they broke up and all she did was smile and say “I made Justin Bieber cry hahah” she’s a jealous freak she doesn’t like Justin hanging around other girls who are just his friends but she’s slaging around with older men. I’m done with her and her lies she’s a alcoholic and a drug addict and all of u selenators don’t be coming up to me to say some comeback cus I first didn’t mind her but now she’s gone to far. When u guys find out the truth u will hate her for life I’m done peace

    • Princess

      I completly agree with u , when he is with her she doubts on him and when he tries to move on she hold him back … Whenever hrr popularity is declining she pull some drama .i havent seen her any nws from last 1 wek so nw ths. And hollywood life says that justin is chasing selena … And so on. She need to b straight she want him or not , or if she want him she need to trust him and support him. If he is wrong thrn guide him … But dont play with his emoions , he is nice and on track nw … Again all that messiness … Again from where he started ….. Thanks selena . I wish he ignore u ..
      Or not get highly affected. …. and hope one day we all belibers will understand her mind the way we understand justin

    • PoohBear 143

      Preach it gurl cuz I feel the same way

    • Emily

      Does anyone know what she replied to when she said “awww u think I care “

  • Lailani

    Justin and Selena were so good together

    • bieber’s sexgod

      No please sit down ur the blindest out of all the beliebers how can u not see the way Selena is treating Justin she’s put him through hell and ur like “were so good together” they only went out cus she wanted publicity and money only because of us being blind we gave it to her without knowing it and now she’s just falling so she then went to the Jenner/kardashian family used them and made a lie about them doing drugs cus she didn’t get wat she wanted she’s a gold digger so now she’s using this to get publicity don’t let her fool u think child wake up from ur lala land

  • rj

    Who is she getting smart with the first person she replied to. Why is she bringing stuff up again. Obviously hes tryna move on. Shes is getting in the way of dreams and future. No one wants a relationship where they are not happy. Shes the one who posted all these scriptures and unfollowed ppl. So Justin.should not feel guilty about nothing. He is a free man who just turned 20 so stop tryna tie him down. You’re the one who didn’t appreciate him when you had him calling himiimmature and humiliating him in the media. She is the one who hurt him not the other way around. She broke up with him numerous times. To me it seemed like Justin gave her a second chance bc he did not have to go feel tge same hurt again and again for no reason. She needs to get out his life before he doesn’t have one

  • belieber 101

    Why did she say that ?! She just started uneccessary drama for no reason RIGHT when everything is good she has to mess it up! IM pretty sure he is like…85.6%

  • Brittany Heslip

    I think Justin is over Selena and she needs to get over it I mean she is pretty but if he don’t wanna be with u back off I get y she’s obsessed with him cuz he’s so freaking sexy but if he’s not into u y bother

  • believer loves justin bieber

    why is selena talking shit she is mad beacuse justin is huging out with models now why does she care now tthat justin is moveing on its beacuse selena still loves justin

    • Brittany Heslip

      Yea and I think she needs to move on already if he is with someone else or likes someone else I mean we all know she’s talking crap because she’s jealous but she shouldn’t say crap unless its true

    • Lailani

      They both have history together. That will never change. Selena think she’s all that. Which she’s not.

      • rj

        I agree with u for once.

  • Oypa

    i don’t think justin want to move on he love her and now she is jalous we don’t konw the truth until justin will replied i am waiting him Hhhhhhhhh

  • S

    Why was this necessary tho?She’s the one that lets him go time after time right?She shouldn’t be mad that he’s tryna move on or she should be crystal clear and serious about wanting him back.

  • Rebecca Bieber

    I love you jb <3

  • belieberstake

    selena hurt him, and now he is finally moving on and enjoying life, and your stalking him and comment rude crap to his believers, no stop. jelena is old, and i dont want justin to have to act like he is happy with someone who smacks him and fights with him all the time. he’s a grown man and he doesn’t need you telling him what he can and cannot do. your just jealous. leave him alone. please. i am a fan of selena and always have been but the part with justin i dont like, she takes advantage of him. she can stop, and go on with her life.

  • Hannah Bieber

    Ok I love selena but why does she care if Justin is with a model or not. Justin completly got over her and she just needs to stop causing all this drama

  • Hannah Bieber

    And what did that person say where she said aww you think I care ??

  • Eldaah

    Dot know meb ey r dating secretly

  • Bieber Fever

    She always needs to start drama… Like shut up no one wants to hear your crap.

  • nermine ( belieber girl forever )

    its his life let him do what he want he don’t want to be with selena he hate her becoz she hurt him a lot leave bieber olone he just want to be happy with his beliebers and some friend models okey

  • nicki

    If he do like models, than he like models. Why the hell do she care so much? She is out of the picture, long gone. Such a jealous bi*ch. Like get over it, Justin don’t want you no more.

  • nicki

    He’s moving on with his life too, what’s the past stays in the past.