Sleek Haired Justin Bieber – Yacht Party Cannes France – May 18

Sleek Haired Justin Bieber leaving a yacht in Cannes France 6

Justin Bieber & his pal Ryan Butler leaving a yacht party at Cannes Film Festival in France (May18).

Justin Bieber leaving a yacht in Cannes France

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  • Belieber

    He looks so handsome in a suit <3

  • Oypa

    My handsome boy

  • Smilesometimes

    I just died

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    Aaaaaahhhh! Justin looks so much more like an adult now, especially since he’s letting his mustache grow into a full beard. I really hope he shaves it soon, he looks better without facial hair. So do a lot of men, I still can’t beliebe Justin is 20 now cuz when he turns 21 next year ppl won’t be complaining when he drinks beer or some other alcoholic drink. Aaaahhh! I can’t think about that now!

    • Lailani

      Justin always looks so hot.

  • Sophie

    He looks way more mature in a suit and ‘normal’ jeans instead of low drop and “swaggy” clothing. Hopefully he see’s this himself! Love you, justin.


    He looks soooo hhooottt

  • Hannah bieber

    He looks so manly <3

  • Karla bieber

    I hope he keeps this grown up look and not the thuggish look, maybe he’ll get more respect and taken seriously when he dresses like an adult and acts like a appropriate adult.

  • BabyGirl Belieber

    born sexyy and live sexyy
    love my baby boy <3

  • Catrin

    Omg he looks so friggin hot I love this new hairstyle I hope he wears it more it’s better than the poof we’re used to seeing it makes him more masculine looking he’s also become bulkier which I love love love he isn’t the scrawny thing he was a little while ago he gets more sexy every time I see him someone said on another website he’s going to be a really good looking guy the older he gets and their right but he’s only 20 just imagine how sexy he’s gonna get

  • auria bieber

    omg….very good my love……

  • Rebecca Bieber

    So handsome my future husband. <3

  • im just beautiful me :)

    Beliebers what is Justin’s motto again?????

  • Nicki


  • lambor500S

    A nice mature look with the hair. Grown & Sexy love it!
    Much love!

  • Nicole

    Justin is looking really handsome. those are some really hot pic of justin. Can you say sexy. ;)

  • Believe forever124

    Yes he is wearing a suit and looks good and mature in it .

  • hayliedrewswag

    He looks so HOT!
    (I’m crying)
    (and dying)

  • Birk

    Justin really should have went all out and wore a suit with dress pants and maybe a tie, with shoes and socks to match. If he was going to a fancy party full of the rich and famous then he needs to dress the part, in my opinion. Jeans with no socks is not classy considering the rich snobs he was meeting. Justin has dressed up before in suits at award shows in the past so we all know that he can dress up and look good. I hate to think that his fashion sense would have been talked about.