The Truth Behind Justin Bieber Calling Woman a ‘Bitch’ – Horse Stable Incident


Justin Bieber was previously accused of calling a female fan a “BITCH” at a stables, despite TMZ not referring to the woman as a “fan” in their original report. Now, another rider Iama Amin at the stables has revealed the woman who filmed Justin Bieber, Melinda Giel-Murray was not a Justin Bieber fan and sold the video after hurling verbal abuse at Justin.

VIDEO: Justin Bieber calling woman a ‘BiTch’.

The incident took place at the Circle K stables on May 12.

In the footage video sold to TMZ by Melinda she continues filming after being asked to stop by Iama Amin, a rider at the stables of 10-years standing who invited Justin horse riding as a guest.

Iama Amin — who lists herself on Twitter as a “licensed expert” in therapeutic massage — posted a YouTube video titled “The Truth Behind Justin Bieber Horse Stable Incident.”

During the clip, Iama Amin challenges Melinda over her filming of Justin Bieber while accusing her of selling the footage to TMZ.

Watch the clip below: Iama confronts Melinda, defending Justin:

From Iama Amin:

I’ve been boarding my horse at these stables for 10 years, and I never thought the other regulars and those who are temporarily boarding here would invade my guests’ privacy & start video taping him [Justin] before he even steps out of the car.

Lies, lies, lies!

To clarify TMZ claims – 4 “security goons” did NOT surround her and try to intimidate her. And, Justin was not acting “very strange & nervous”. But, what was not caught on tape, was these women verbally harassing Justin. They yelled out at Justin, “You’ll never be like Michael Jackson!” and “…that’s if he stays alive long enough”. Truth is, they were antagonizing him.

So I went back to where the incident went down and made sure Melinda got a taste of her own medicine.

Justin was going to have a quiet day alone and us horse riders know that riding your horse is one of the most therapeutic things to do. We wanted Justin to experience that. But instead, he was bothered before he even got on the trail.

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