VIDEO: Justin Bieber Rapping Tupac’s “Dear Mama”


Justin Bieber singing & rapping Tupac’s “Dear Mama” in a packed Gotcha club in Cannes, France.

After playing hypeman for Rick Ross for hits like “B.M.F.” and “All I Do Is Win” during a show at Gotha Club in Cannes, Justin grabbed the mic, took off his shirt, and swung the mood by rapping the Pac hit.

“I reminisce on the stress I caused, it was hell/ Huggin’ on my mama from a jail cell,” he rapped in the short video clip.

Watch video below:

  • Turkey2turkey

    Wow jst wow

    • Lailani

      He’s super talented

  • Belieber

    He can rap good its swaggy

    • Lailani

      I so love justin

  • Lailani

    He’s pretty good at rapping

  • Lailani

    Love when he raps or justin hanging out with his boys.

    • Lailani

      I just love commenting on here

  • Hannah bieber

    Nice justin

  • wassup

    Lol he doesn’t needs to stop

    • wassup

      He needs to stop

      • Lailani

        Uh no he doesn’t. He’s amazing and talented

  • M.B

    nice justin bieber

    • Lailani

      Justin is just so aww

  • Lets b real

    Is it weird that I had a dream that justin went back to his old self and didn’t sag or do all this bad stuff. Yea…. Really weird

  • bieber

    Hes wearing chainz,baggy dropped down pantz that show his lovely ass,getting tattoos
    Some day hes gonna turn black man :/

    • Belieber

      he hasn’t been wearing baggy drop down pants recently

  • Jacob

    Can’t hear him

  • Nicki

    You go Justin.

  • Smart Belieber

    I can’t really hear him nieather

    • Lailani

      It sounds static. He looks hot shirtless. Especially Wesley snipes helping him with his microphone

  • Shantelle Pérez

    Havin fun huh? That feelin when you havin fun with ur friends. Going out to places, clubs and stuff like tht. :)

  • Shantelle Pérez

    That feeling when you feel cool and loose cause you hagin with ur friends