Justin Bieber Shows LOVE for his Fans – Recording Studio Hollywood LA – May 28

Justin Bieber and Fans outside Recording Studio in Hollywood 3

Justin Bieber shows Mad Love for his beliebers in LA, he poses with a crowd of adoring female fans outside of a recording studio in Hollywood on Wednesday morning at 1:35AM

Justin Bieber outside Studio in LA

Justin Bieber leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood, California 5:28:14

Justin gets into his car, leaving restaurant in Hollywood, LA.

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  • Belieber

    Oh, is that ‘Stalker sarah’ again? she’s met jusitn like 10 times, she needs to give others oppertunities to meet him. Not just her over and over. Others haven’t even met him. Anyways, Jeliebers forever <3

  • Karishma-Belieber

    OMG! This is why i love this boy so much!!! He loves his fans soo much!!! I’m so proud to call him my idol and one day i will be just as lucky as all those beliebers who have met him!!! :)
    Love you so much Justin! You really do go all the way for your beliebers!! Just love you!!!

  • dd

    And this is why i love Justin i mean how can someone hate him when he always do everything just to make his beliebers happy.

  • Birk

    This is always great to see Justin happy with his Beliebers.. Now that he split from Selena, the difference is like night and day when you see him around his fans.. When he was with her, Justin acted rude and ignored his fans as many Beliebers who seen him in person can tell you. Justin’s fans always seem to put a smile on his face, and that is the best part.

  • Nicki


  • Lailani

    Justin is a sweet guy.

  • Thalia