Watch Justin Bieber Talks about Emotions, Life & Death – VIDEO (Funny Or Die)


With HUMAN CODE, Justin Bieber, Jennette McCurdy, Haley Joel Osment, Craig Healy and other humans talk about that stuff people are always feeling: emotions! And two things people just can’t live without: sleep and water!

Watch video below: via Funny or Die.

  • Jujubee1996

    Omg soooooo NOT funny, but I do love Justin he looks hella hawt as always…..:-p

  • Belieber

    Good tip Justin ;)

  • Lailani

    Uh that wasn’t funny. It was kinda of stupid.

  • Hannah bieber

    This whole thing was stupid tbh but justin looked great

  • Tabitha.Morales

    I don’t want u 2 die but stop showing off plz? :(

  • Sophia

    Glad to see Justin collaborating with companies again. This segment was silly but hey, it is Funny or Die, a comedy video website. Hope Justin continues with this & gets back on track.

  • #1belieber

    Justin looks sooo good!!!!

  • Nicki

    Not funny