Austin Mahone Is No Justin Bieber. Weak Album Sales, Record Label Disappointed!


Many would guess Austin Mahone is one of the hottest pop stars for today’s young audience, but sadly, his record sales aren’t mirroring that!

He has a legion of adoring fans -mahomies, his musical talents are pretty AH-Mazing, and even though he doesn’t like it, he’s compared to Justin Bieber!

An executive from Austin Mahone’s record label Republic Records has expressed disappointment over the less-than-stellar sales for Austin’s new EP, The Secret.

Speaking at a recent music seminar in New York City, Republic executive Avery Lipman said:

The kid can close down any mall in America, but we are struggling to sell a meaningful amount of records.

It sounds good, looks good; goes right in the weeds.

Austin’s The Secret sold 46,000 copies in its first week to debut at No. 5 on the Billboard 200, before dropping to No. 34 in its second week with just over 8000 copies sold.

When you compare The Secret’s numbers to what Justin Bieber was doing in his early days, you can really notice the difference: JB’s 2009 debut My World sold 137,000 copies in its first week, followed by My World 2.0 with 283,000 copies, My Worlds Acoustic with 115,000 copies, and Never Say Never: The Remixes with 165,000 copies. Those albums also kept selling after their strong opening weeks, with all of them reaching either gold, platinum, or multi-platinum sales.

Outside of albums, Mahone’s also weak on the singles side of things; his biggest hit to date is “Mmm Yeah,” and that only peaked at No. 49 on the Hot 100.

No doubt, Justin is still the prince of pop.

  • kidrauhlll

    Lol not trying to be rude BUT THIS PROVES NO ONE CAN BE THE “NEXT ” JUSTIN BIEBER . Justin actually did something amazing and it was not easily done such as selling out Madison square garden, getting a billion views on Baby, getting a diamond award ETC

    • Melanie


      • rani bieber

        ohhhhhhhhhh my god jstin bieber is the best in the world cuz justin is somthing spesial

    • kelseydrewswag

      your right!

  • kidrauhlll

    Loveeee you justinnnnnn

  • kidrauhlll


    • Belieber4Life

      i agree. Justin is one of a kind. Justin started out differently with his life, he didnt start of like madison no austin.

  • Luigi Severus Fletcher-Bieber-Horan-Tomlinson

    Lol not trying to be rude BUT THIS PROVES NO ONE CAN BE THE “NEXT ” JUSTIN BIEBER . Justin actually did something amazing and it was not easily done such as selling out Madison square garden.

    I’m sure this happened to Justin.

  • Birk

    What Austin is lacking is a big time manager like Scooter Braun who knows what to do.. Well maybe another single that drops will have a hook that will bring up his numbers.. I actually think he is talented and sometimes debut albums don’t sell a lot, it’s that 2nd album that is make it or break it for a lot of artists. I still look forward to the collaboration he did with Austin. It’s not fair to compare him to Justin either, because Justin Bieber is one of a kind!

    • Lailani

      That he is. Uh Justin and Austin are different guys that has a style of doing things.

    • ivan

      I agree.

  • what-eva

    Maybe if better songs were written for him… mean what kind of hook is “Mmm, hmmm, yeah.” Most of his songs is wack. He needs better material. He is not an urban kid. He is a suburban kid… so why he is trying to sing urban style songs?

    • Birk

      Austin is signed with Cash Money Records which is home of Young Money.. Mostly urban music artists are on that label. Justin is friends with a lot of those artists and has recorded singles with some of them. I agree Austin needs better material and definitely a better manager like Scooter.. I still want to hear the collaboration between Austin & Justin. Instead of pushing Austin into urban music, why they didn’t push Austin into the pop music scene instead? Especially since it seems Justin is leaving pop music behind for urban music.

  • Xavier Jackson

    It proves and shows that justin is the best artist ever prince of pop

  • ivan

    He’s a nice talented kid; however he is in Justin’s shadow. He has to be different. If his next album is a flop, he’s in trouble.
    Also, some are pushing him to replace Justin; they did that before with Cody and others-never happened.

  • Lovethebiebzzz

    Birk u are right Justin is 1 of a kind love u Justin <'33

  • Frodo

    yep JB stil prince of pop.

  • Hannah Bieber

    Well that sucks. Austin needs a good manager like scooter and needs to do better on his music . No one can beat justin cuzz he’ll always be the best

  • Belieber

    Well, tbh Justin’s album is better and he started out big and up-beat music that you can just listen to once and love it. But if austin really wants a good album and not flop, he needs to get a new record deal. Like what’s up with “Mmm, mmm, yeah”? that honestly sounds cheesy. He needs to make better music in my opinion to win over this whole thing and to come out better.

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    King of music really :) but y do people always compare Austin and Justin together!
    Their nothing alike and i no how it feels to be compared to something different and more popular
    I sorta have a twin…….
    Some pple r so lucky!

  • aleena

    well Austin is pretty cool ,young and does a lil bit look like Justin but that really doesnt mean he is the next Justin bieber …Justin is the star of the 21st century and undoubtedly the prince of pop,rock,rnb & so on… he has rocked every song he has sung and like Michael Jackson ruled in the 20th century and there`s no one like him ,the same is with Justin he is the star of the 21st century and no one was no one is and no one can be and will be like him!

    • MHM

      YAS U GO! LOL i say ur right.

  • Tigger

    To be fair, Justin’s latest Journals album didn’t even make it on the charts.

    • Namiah

      Journals wasnt even an official abum tho. it doesnt count. it was just a thing for the fans

      • Vicki

        Even though it was not official and had no publicity, it still was Number 1 on ITunes in over 60 Countries and knocked Beyoncé from the number 1 spot in all of those countries, so I would say it was a BIG success

    • Birk

      You seem to have forgotten that “Journals” was a iTunes only release that was not available anywhere else, plus it was only available for two weeks then pulled off iTunes. It wasn’t what they call a full release album either, meaning lots of promotion, and being available everywhere and with no time limit on how long it would be available. In my opinion Music Mondays and “Journals” was a way to get people talking about his new urban music and to let people know his music was maturing.. It worked because for a lot of people who never liked his music before, those singles and “Journals” album was the first Justin Bieber music they ever bought. I’m talking mostly about mature audiences who liked his newer music and are urban music fans.

  • Stefanie Tjia

    Justin Is the Best ever.

  • Azaria

    The thing with the comparisons is they do sound very similar, the music they’re doing is pretty similar. It’s similar, period. But this whole post is just downright rude. This is a Justin Bieber fan site, not an Austin Mahone one. “The Secret” is a really good EP, and I’m far more impressed with it than Journals. That was awful. But to be honest, Austin is being marketed completely wrong. He was around a while before this EP came out and had a few singles, but his first EP was only released in Japan….. Considering singles from it were released everywhere, not releasing that here was just dumb. He’s been around a while without an album or EP and then drops and EP instead of a full-length album. What were they doing all this time? It’s all down to marketing really. I think getting to #5 is a pretty damn good accomplishment. It’s not like he debuted at 90. #5 is high up there.

    • MHM

      ur right… this is justins fan site, not austins, so why is there news about austin.

    • Namiah

      dont be mad because austin is a flop!

    • Birk

      @Azaria… I totally agree with everything else you stated except for your opinion about “Journals”. Bad marketing, and bad management combined with lackluster material is the reason why Austin’s album didn’t go further up the charts. I don’t see anyone denying that Austin is talented, but he is no Justin Bieber. Debuting at #5 on the charts is no small feat for a practical unknown either. This is only a EP, maybe the full length album will be better.

  • Belieber4Life

    just cuz Austin is signed by record lables like that, he should try to do more music that suits him. I personally like the song All i ever need because its nice..and somewhat suits him better…

  • Bieber Fever

    Justin will always be the best he is one of a kind and worked really hard foe where he is now nobody can just come and be the ‘next’ Justin Bieber bc there just isn’t a next he is the best and that’s what he always will be (No offense to Austin Mahone he is also really good just saying :) )

  • Tammie Lewis

    The guy is okay. . But he doesn’t want too be shadowed with know but yet he does copy so much of justin style. .. He needs too be himself maybe that will work for him. . Because he’s right he will never be like jb

  • lambor500S

    It will be years before we will ever see another Justin Bieber, to be known and love by fans from all over the world including Russia. It takes alot of hard work and dedication to achieve as much as Justin, has at young age. Also, to win a Diamond Award. There are artist out there much older than Justin, and their not even close to winning a Diamond Award. Also, next to selling out stadiums in the US and Foreign Countries. An amazing, outstanding young artist. Mr. Justin Bieber
    Continue the success as we will continue to support you.

    Much love!

    • M

      Justin no longer has a Diamond Award btw. It was gievn to Psy for the Gangnam Style single.

      • lambor500S

        Once you received a Diamond Award it is yours. Also, the song or album you received the award for is engrave on the Diamond Award. Psy, will get his own individual Diamond Award.

  • Priyanka Bieber

    Austin is a good singer but HE can’t defeat “THE KING OF POP” Justin Bieber!!!

  • Priyanka Bieber

    Austin is a good singer but HE can’t defeat “THE KING OF POP” Justin Bieber!!! He’s the BEST!!!

  • ivan

    Journals was sold in separate songs only on Itunes without hardly any radio or TV promotion. Some don’t have Itunes or had trouble with it yet practically each song reached #1. The whole album came later but some already had the singles-that cut down sales. If it were a CD, it would have been another #1 Billboard hit. It was experimental in trying a new style for Justin ahead of his upcoming CD which should be a hit. Pop is too similar; she’s trying something different.

  • ivan

    P.S. I should have said ‘he’. Lol

  • cookieface

    Austin and justin are so alike austin copies justin with the style and trying to be the new Justin which he can’t. Heres what Austin needs to do get real emotion with his music and connect with the people that understands where he’s coming from and understand his experience and feelings. Ummmm yeah gets annoying but catchy just add some real emotion the fact he’s signed to cash money records makes him wack. Austin is talented honestly but mainstream isn’t for him.