Austin Mahone Won’t Get Crazy Like Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber – Interview


Austin Mahone is perfectly happy with where he’s at in terms of his fame and he promises his fans he won’t result to shock tactics to increase his image.

When asked by Digital Spy about troubled young stars; like Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber, Austin said that he hopes to stay grounded through his success.

He told the site while promoting his first EP “The Secret”:

The shocking and risky thing that Miley has done has definitely got her more well known. I feel like a lot of fans on YouTube and Twitter are like, ‘Oh, don’t go crazy like these people’.

And you know, everyone’s definitely going to make mistakes. But I’m not worried, because I’ve got a big family around me… who are going to keep me in check, so I’m not too worried about it.

I feel like all these teen stars, they’re doing what normal kids are doing, but because it’s in the spotlight it gets blown up.

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