Blaming Justin Bieber for Spain’s 1-5 Loss – World Cup 2014

Justinbieber-spain-netherland-lost 2

Twitter went into meltdown with millions trying to explain the reasons behind Spain’s 5-1 defeat to the Netherlands in their opening match of the 2014 Brazil World Cup finals.

It was the heaviest defeat suffered by defending world champions at the tournament.

Many of them blaming Justin for Spain’s loss – RIDICULOUS.

Justinbieber-spain-netherland-lost 3

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  • Tabitha.Morales

    B glad they played jacka i luv jb just the way he is :)

  • Lovethebiebzzz

    WTF why the heck is it the fault of Justin?! BTW i live in the Netherlands but i don’t like soccer and i don’t care who wins. But it’s not Justin’s fault. now i can finally tease the boys of my class ’cause they were for spain & they always tease me ’bout Justin. and OMG last night i couldn’t sleep last night ’cause they were partying all night GOSH!

  • Birk -

    These morons don’t want to admit that Spain choked big time and it is their fault they lost… How pathetic they are trying to blame someone who isn’t even associated with the team.


    Spaniards ! Don’t blame Justin Bieber but better play !

  • Chloe

    First of all that picture was taken like 2 or 3 years ago can’t u tell by the hair second of all this is the dumbest reason to blam Spain for losing this is all bull shit

  • Lailani

    Are they freaking serious or are they just dumb.

  • follow @chizzlemabizzle

    They can’t blame justin bcoz he bought the top…spain lost cause they played kak you can only blame them for that

  • Hannah Bieber

    Ummm no justin didnt do anything to make them lose . They lost bcuzz they didn’t try hard enough. Just bcuzz he brought a shirt doesn’t mean thats the reason why they lost and that pic was taken 2 or 3 years ago so they need to stfu -.-

  • Armeen

    Well, that’s just bullshit.

  • Madiena

    They can’t blame Justin for that it’s the team.

  • Justin’s Belieber

    i totally agree that this is just rediculous! there’s no way justin could have done anything to make them lose. They probably lost because they were playing against a really good team.

  • Ammie

    There are other people sticking up for spain to win so it couldn’t be his fault the team probably needs to practice more.

  • Belieber

    why they blaming him he got that shirt like 3 years ago to support that team.

  • Schantal

    Haha thats ridiculous :’)
    and btw: the Netherlands were much better I’ve watched the game ^^ #ProudToBeDutch

  • bieber43ver

    WTF! seriously! They blaming Justin for Spain’s lose now!!! It’s not Bieber’s fault it’s simply the Netherlands were better! God! What’s next blame Justin for global warming! Ugh!

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    Spain shut up and stop blaming Justin its not his fault your crap at playing football but dont worry u might win next time :)


    dont blame justin bieber just because they lost

  • meriya

    why the hell is it justins fault like wth

  • dialyn ortega

    why would they blame justin bieber????!!!!!!!! he is innocent!!!

  • belieber

    this is bullshit

  • His Belieber

    How can they be so stupid why will it be Justin’s fault…people in this times are fake bitches…hate society…..if we needed to fight against them we will win…..feck on hell….you lost because you didn’t play well…not because Justin had a Spain T-shirt idiots

  • lambor500S

    Spain you just got out played. You cannot blame anyone for your mistakes but yourself. So, Get Over It!

  • jbhater

    jb caused it ! im from spain so be quiet ppl!

  • FollowMeOnTwitter: @hunt3rryan

    Wow you guys are all stupid. Justin Bieber was clearly the reason Spain lost. Bieber’s fagness and lack of talent rubbed off on the Spanish team. It’s all over the news you stupid little bitches.

    • Jacob Fagan

      You Beliebhater

    • rebecca bieber

      @FollowMeOnTwitter: @hunt3rryan…..

      Did anyone ask for your permission to hate on him??? NO!….. so why bother you retarded faggot… Nobody cares what you think….. Justin is amazing and your just a little 2 year old crybaby who just thinks hating on people is so cool and fun for you……. let me tell you its not….. Won’t you SHUT YOUR ANNOYING MOUTH because i can always get over there and shut it for you. All of my Beliebers know that a hater like you is a low life loser and pathetic little immatures. You need to grow up cause YOU DON”T KNOW HIM. And obviously look in the mirror and see who’s the real fagness that would be you ;) LOL…….. Iv’e bet you are so nice to people on this planet… SO SHUT THE HECK UP YOU FATTY LOW LIFE UGLY BUTT FACE AND GO MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS your just another @drakeBell hater on here…….. It would be funny if Beliebers on here would start attacking you on here or twitter hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. S Bye bye now im done talking to a retard like you…… hate on me if you want cause i don’t care what haters say ;) My Beliebers and Justin have my back :)

    • rebecca bieber

      Your just so pathetic on hating on Justin and belieber’s for loving Justin Bieber. Just leave them alone. Nobody ask for your hate

    • rebecca bieber

      If i made you mad well then Opps my bad sorry to burst your bubble…….. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha :) I just love to make low life haters like you mad its so funnyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!

  • rebecca bieber

    I love Justin <3