Can You Reply to Yourself?

Justin Bieber Shirtless selfie

New selfie via shots.me

@justinbieber: Can u reply to yourself.


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  • ragz belieber forever

    Ooh my god i m d first one to comment d best selfies ever he s so hot i love u jb:-)

  • BellBieber

    Justin i love u!
    Oh and theres a belieber on YT who really wants to meet you her name is Haz bieber and she wrote some songs for u but i dont think u heard them before so make sure u find her and subcribe to her channel :)

  • Lailani

    Oh goodness Justin is just amazing and adorable

  • Kate

    I wanna rob him.Grrrr

  • Sophia

    This isn’t intended as hate but I honestly think Bieber needs to go back to the gym. He has so much time in his hands (basically all he does is record music and parties at nightclubs) so why not use it to get a physically fit body? And knowing that he has smoked weed, I’m sure that might have damaged his health in some way. Please, Bieber, go back to the gym.

    • Birk

      He is getting back in shape, not quite there yet, like he was when he was on tour last year.. But he is getting there. Last year he was ripped. I agree if he really wants to get ripped again, he has to either quit or cut down on the partying and weed.

  • angie

    oh my gawd whyyyyy D: he is toooo damn hawt!

  • BelieberForever

    OMB!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him so much!!!!!!! Proud Belieber Forever <3 Love you Justin Drew Bieber <3 My Idol/ My Lifesaver <3

  • Rebecca Bieber ( The Belieber)


  • Hannah Cortez

    U can’t resist his sexiness

  • rani bieber

    ohhhhhhhhh my godness justin are soooo mazin g and sexsy and very hot and really there is no one love jb like me cuz i love him more than selena and his fans and every girl in the world and mor than my self and my fammilly

  • Belieber

    He’s so hot! but idk what he meant tho

  • Birk

    I guess… But people would think you are strange if you answer yourself… LOL

  • Kalina

    JB Is SOOO sexy in this pics <3 <3