Chris Brown, Justin Bieber & Akon in the Studio – Collaboration?

Justin Bieber Chris Brown Akon

Justin Bieber in studio with Chris Brown, Akon & Maejor Ali – working on new music.


  • Lovethebiebzzz

    I bet it’s gonna be a blast! Love you Justin <'33 All the best ;)

  • Birk

    I want to hear another Justin Bieber/Chris Brown track! I hope this is true and it will be on Justin’s new album!

  • Lailani

    Wow Akon he’s talented. Chris and Justin are super hot and are hotties

  • Bieber Fever

    Yaay chris brown and justin ♥


    cant wait to hear it and i love you JB

  • Hannah Bieber

    Omg I love akon !!!!! Im so excited

  • Belieber

    Yay another Chris Brown & Justin bieber colab. hopefully. Excited.

  • Julia

    What’s with the west side dumb a**

    • Lailani

      No he’s not. He’s amazing and super hot.

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    Yay new songs! :)

  • BelieberDude96

    I’m excited!

  • lambor500S

    Can’t wait to hear the new music I know it is going to be hot. Also, Justin remember to be your on man & don’t let anyone influence you into doing anything crazy!
    Take care
    Much love!