Dr. Terry Dubrow on Bieber Wannabes: ‘He thinks Justin Bieber is the Perfect Rock Star’


Dr. Terry Dubrow joins on the new E! series ‘Botched’, which debuted on June 24.

In the new series, Dr. Dubrow faced the most difficult surgeries of his career. Among them: fixing the face of a 34-year-old man who dreams of transforming himself into Justin Bieber.

Dr. Terry Dubrow spoke to The Hollywood Reporter on the morning of Botched’s premiere.

Why does plastic surgery go wrong so often?
Usually due to a complication. The key thing is that plastic surgery is surgery with real risk. The number two reason is that some non-plastic surgeons are taking weekend courses and they don’t do a great job. And, of course, some patients go too far.

Like one of your Botched patients, Toby Sheldon, who wants to look like Justin Bieber. What drives someone to do that to himself?
That’s a good question. We asked him really intensely — why do you want to look like Justin Bieber and which version of Justin Bieber do you want to look like? When he’s losing his hair and gets fat, do you want to look like that Justin Bieber?” They get in their mind that this rock star or celebrity looks perfect. In Toby’s case, he is fascinated by music. He’s a writer and a musician and he thinks Justin Bieber is the perfect rock star. That’s who he wants to be.

  • Belieber

    well, at least he said something positive ’bout him.

  • Hannah Cortez

    I dont think he would be a rockstar but im glad he said something nice about justin.

  • Ammie

    Woow JB really looks like that.

  • BellBieber

    but y
    Y would u ruin ur own face :(
    i get that Justin inspired him but everyone is beautiful y cant people see that :(

  • angie

    Im not tryna be mean but then Toby Sheldon kinda creeps me out….

  • Belieber

    I don’t know i find it a little creepy i mean every one is perfect in their own way like no need to change to look like justin bieber it’s great he is his idol but he still should be himself :/

    • Lailani

      That’s just creepy and weird for him to do that.