Drake Bell Compares Justin Bieber to Racist Donald Sterling


Justin Bieber’s racist jokes and parody of “One Less Lonely N-word” led longtime rival Drake Bell to compare him to Donald Sterling.

Drake Bell wants to know why people are defending Justin Bieber after the release of old footage showing him saying racist jokes. The former Nickelodeon star posted the below tweet.

Donald Sterling caught saying racist thing and ruins career. @justinbieber gets caught and the excuse “He doesn’t know any better” is used.

Donald Sterling infamously made racist comments to girlfriend V. Stiviano in audio footage that quickly went viral. The Los Angeles Clippers owner was subsequently banned from the NBA and forced to sell the team.

Does Drake Bell have a point with his tweet about Donald Sterling and Justin Bieber?

  • Chikiko

    If Drake Bell has nothing nice to say about Justin, then just don’t say anything about him at all!! He just wants to keep hating on him because he’s bitter. Gosh!!!

  • sam

    the difference is Donald was recorded saying he hates black people over and over again in hours long worth of recordings, JB got recorded saying the n word 5 years ago and his friends are mostly black. now you tell me whose racist.

    • Angie

      True, I say your right because justin did that 5 years ago but now they bringing it up, and donald did it but it was released same year, wasn’t it?!?!

  • Belieber

    There is a difference in them. Donald said ‘i dont like black people’ ‘why did you hang around a black guy, that’s an issue’ and kept on saying he hates blacks. But Justin said the ‘n’ word 5 years ago. Not ‘i hate blacks’. Donald sterlings is a bigger issue.

    • Lailani

      Uh that was like five years ago. Get over it.

      • Belieber

        I’m just stating the differences, gosh

      • Lailani

        Uh hello I was talking about the tabloids. Fool

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    Donald sterrlings is a whole nother thing
    Justin is NOT RACIST!
    God drake i just hate you so much!

    • Lailani

      Drake is full of Crock. And he’s the dumbest guy ever.

      • Dante Aligheri

        Or are Biebers fans? I would argue they are dumber since they are the only ones who buy into his crap.
        “Full of Crock.”??? Are you stupid or something? Wait, don’t answer that.

    • Heather

      Well that was rude

  • lambor500S

    Drake Bell why don’t you quit your wanna be famous part time job and just go back to your full time job at Macys in the shoe dept

  • Luigi Severus Fletcher-Bieber-Horan-Tomlinson

    Drake Bell is no better than Justin with Justin’s dumb ass jokes from 4/5-years-ago, in fact, Drake Bell is WORSE, Justin learned that his jokes were wrong and offensive and has ceased saying stuff like that, Drake Bell has been bullying Justin for two years, because in reality, Drake Bell’s career is dead and he can only act in kids shows, not to mention, he insulted George McCartney of the Beatles, Drake Bell is as worse as Westboro Baptist. Drake is as hateful as Fred Phelps, Drake Bell is also a hypocrite.

  • Emily

    K this time drake took it too far, now he should just delete his twitter if he has nothing nice to say

  • Hannah bieber

    Ummm Justin only said the N word which was 5 years ago and Donald sterling said he hates black people. And plus mostly all of Justin’s friends are black so drake u tell me who is being racist bcuzz for sure it’s not justin. U just don’t know when to stop do you ?

  • Tayler

    Personally, I think that Drake is right. You can’t say that Donald Sterling did anything wrong, without saying that Justin Bieber didn’t do the same thing.

    • Lailani

      Pls the only difference is that Justin is a kid and Donald sterling’s a old guy and should know better.

    • Birk

      What part do you not understand?? You can’t compare a old man who has lived a lifetime of racist views to a teenager who said jokes and didn’t realize that his words were that hurtful.. As well Justin was only 14 at the time and had years to change his views and become educated and now regrets that time of his life when he was ignorant.. One changed his life around while the other is still racist.. Justin now has healthy and great relationships with the black people in his life.. You are a idiot if you think the situations are the same.

    • Heather

      Well that was rude

  • Madiena

    Maybe he was singing about himself being lonely.

  • Linda

    Drake bell was never was that rude to a celebrity he was doing okay now that usher picked him Drake wanna say anything that’s goes wrong with JB behavior and his talent.

    • Lailani

      Drake should STFU seriously. He has no room to talk.

  • Sarah Bieber

    The difference is that justin was joking, donald on the other hand said straight out that he doesnt like minorities. But both are wrong and no one should be defending either of them. Let them learn from their mistakes.

    • Lailani

      I’m sure they are and are very remorseful for what they did.

  • Gardener 57

    Gals Don’t you think JB was just repeating jokes he heard from his black friends and did not realize as a “White Canadian Boy” that it was inappropriate? Plus he had not been living in the States long enough to know that it is a VERY touchy subject. Remember when people were always accusing JB of wanting to be Black This is like reverse discrimination It’s crazy My friends at work say to me” Ging It was on the national news that your Bieber said racist jokes and they reported that he did not apologize but ran off to Mexico.” Jb should have told a bigger audience that he was sorry Not just the Beliebers on twitter etc When he wants to tour again it will be the parents who won’t buy tix ,not the fans that refuse to go!

  • Chrissy Bieber

    Drake Bell needs to stfu! Hes just mad becuse Justin can admitt when hes wrong and even when he messes up, he can make it up. Drake should just shut it and move on. Why is he stalking jutin if he doeant like him. He says he hates him but says something everytime he slips like SWERVE HATER!!!!

  • UNknown

    drake is right. Justin has the same excuse every time and when he says it wont happen again, it does and the same excuse comes. Sorry to say beliebers, but Drake Bell is correct.

  • GiSou BelieBer

    Hey man!PLZ shut up :|
    Hate U :|
    Beliebers please don’t say drake bell is right !
    Beacuse u are Beliebers not drake’s fans :|
    justin has excuse he’s 20 and when he did that he was just 15 …
    if ur a reall belieber u should know this
    F drake & all the haters

  • Nicki

    Drake needs to shut-up. Get over it.


    Definition of racism: the belief that one race is superior over the other. Justin is not a racist. His closest friends, business associates and love interests are of mixed races. Donald Sterling truly does not like black people therefore thinks he is superior. Hence, a racist. Completely different. Drake Bell’s specialty in life is spreading hate via twitter. That’s it.

  • Onedirectionfan&belieber

    look drake if you see this you need to get a life im done with you trying to act like you know Justin and that your better than Justin well you know what your not so act like your age and grow up ok stop harassing Justin one day your gonna get hurt so do the world a favor and leave the beliebers and Justin alone

  • Shantelle Perez

    Wanna know why we defend Justin after that racist joke? Because we know he didn’t actually mean it like tht. He didn’t know it meant so much harm. And plus he grew up being around those people. He felt comfortable saying those things around them. He was only a 15 yr old teen. Idk who’s Donald Sterling but it sounds like he’s racist and looks like he meant to say it like that. Its very different from how Justin meant to say it. He even apologized to not only his beliebers but to EVERYBODY even haters.