Elvis Duran: Justin Bieber Needs to Go Away, Disappear for a While


Popular radio host Elvis Duran has some sound advice for Justin Bieber after two damaging videos broke recently — one showing a reportedly 15-year-old JB telling a racist joke, and one of him using the N-word and joking about joining the Ku Klux Klan.

Elvis Duran tells ET bluntly:

I really think it’s a good time for Justin — as a very talented artist, which we’re totally forgetting about — it’s time for him to go away for a while. He needs to just disappear, grow up some, love life, learn how to be a guy and be a man, and come back and put an album out and it’ll be number one.

He also thinks people have become somewhat immune to JB’s highly publicized antics.

My theory about Justin in that there’s something awful being written about him every week – it’s to the point where I don’t even think people hear it anymore. As awful as these tapes are, I think people are saying, “Oh, well, no surprise there,” because there’s so much negative there about Justin.

Justin responded to the second video released Wednesday — featuring him laughing while singing an N-word filled racist parody of his 2009 song One Less Lonely Girl — by posting a Bible verse on his Instagram about sins and forgiveness.

And how does Elvis feel about his response?

You know what, he’s not — he’s not an awful guy. He makes bad decisions — makes him look bad — but the things he’s posting in his defense, I think he’s just trying to figure out what to do.

VIDEO: Elvis Duran INterview on Justin Bieber’s racism scandal.

  • Hannah Bieber

    I totally agree with him. Maybe Justin should just take a break from the business until hes clean and ready to start again. Maybe more people will start respecting him again

  • Belieber

    Yeah i get where he is coming from. Like maybe Justin should just settle down for a bit and be the best he can be and try not to get into any trouble and he will come back on top and be respectable.

    • Lailani

      I agree, Justin should just disappear for awhile and come out stronger

  • #1belieber

    Yeah I agree with him. But the reason he’s going through this and still doing what he loves is because of us. WE need to stop being selfish and let him heal from all this hurt first. Sure we’ll miss him like crazy if he goes away for a while but we need to let him think about his well being.

  • Oypa

    but we gonna miss him if he go :(

    • Linda

      Not everybody going to miss him.All he do is getting in trouble and the more fans are going to like him the even more money he makes.

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    I think he should take a break
    He does deserve it
    And it wont be to bad for us
    Hes got new songs coming out anyway :)

  • Birk

    What the hell??? That is exactly what Justin is doing right now! People seem to forget that Justin is still on vacation and is only recording a new album.. It’s not his fault that all this publicity has hit this year while he was on vacation.. He has tried to keep a low profile before but the paparazzi and media find him anywhere he goes and report on him.. WHY should he go run and hide? He has nothing to be ashamed of and has learned the hard way from his mistakes. There is nowhere in the world he can escape from the media especially TMZ who follows him around and pays people to tip them with info about him.

  • Youduntneed2knaw

    i h8 bieber, well at least the way he is naw

  • sarah gee

    wtf! screw the media screw paparazzi they need to leave him alone! they have no freakin right to get up in his buissnes thats for us fans to know. us beliebers are here for him. im here because god had told me to be here for him so im beinghere for him and doing whats right…

    Justin i love you hang in there….

  • Nicki

    Screw Elvis! Justin is totally a man, it might not be 21 yet but he is getting there. He do luv life and he do take breaks.

  • Lailani

    I tots agree. Justin needs to be left alone.