Jealous, Fans Started #IgnoreJustinProject For Selena Gomez Revenge


It looks like some beliebers are not happy that Justin Bieber has reunited with on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez – and they are letting Justin know by ignoring him on Twitter.

A group of beliebers started an “#ignorejustinproject” trend on the social media site, vowing to boycott Justin online – at least for a day.

Some fans shared their anger via social media site:

If Justin can ignore us bc of Selena we can ignore him #ignorejustinproject.

Like we all tweet each other but not him, and not like any of his photos. No interacting with him. No favoriting, tweets or RTing, dming, instagramming photos that tag him and on shots too. Let’s see if he f*cking notices.

Are you going to start ignoring fans and being rude to us again bc last time u dated her u acted as if u hated us @justinbieber

While the hashtag quickly trended, many more of fans pointed out that the project was ridiculous. Many pointed out that Justin usually goes above and beyond for his fans, some also pointed out that the trend was “immature,” “ignorant” and “hurtful” to the fan base.

Some loyal beliebers wrote:

“#ignorejustinproject” stay away. we don’t need fake fans!!!

Who ever made this hashtag #ignorejustinproject it’s really disrespectful and rude I’m really ashamed of who ever made this.

actually maybe the #ignorejustinproject would be good for me bc while y’all are ignoring him i can tweet him and get my follow

#ignorejustinproject what the hell @justinbieber has been here for us for so long If you think this is right your the fakest belieber ever!

Leave this fanbase if you actually want to do this. What the hell is this. This is so mean.

im going block, report, uninvite you to my birthday, hack and deactivate your acc if you’re part of “#ignorejustinproject”

We are here for a lifetime, it isn’t over yet. we aren’t going anywhere for a long time.

I’ve been supporting Justin through the drama, relationships, bad times & good times & there’s no way I’m leaving him.

In the wake of all the hate, Justin still has his loyal fans out there who got topics #supportjustinproject and the #ilovejustinproject trending last night.

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  • cookieface

    This is redicuolous. Yall put up with her for three years what’s the problem we should support him were believers if anyone ignore Selena

    • Lailani

      Really there good together

  • keke moye


  • Lailani

    Justin is a good guy. He adores his fans.

  • Lailani

    Justin will always care about his fans. He adores his beliebers.

  • BellBieber

    Look i no how the beliebers who r in the
    #ignorejustinproject feel
    But just bcuz he loves Selena more or pays more attention to selena doesnt mean he doesnt like us anymore
    Sometimes i wish i was in Justins arm instead of Selena but i dont get all cracked up and start an ignorejustinproject or anything
    And of course i get lil jealous to (when i say lil jelous i mean im so f*cking jealous iwant that boy)
    But we r still a big part of his life
    We’re his #BELIEBERS
    sorry my comment wasnt supposed to be this long

    • ImaBelieber4ever

      Agreed :)

    • belieberforever

      So true. ♥

  • belieberforever

    Justin will always love us. And #beliebers will always love him. This #ignorejustinproject is ridiculous

  • krystal

    Really. Stuff like that gets you blocked by him. We’re suppose to care about his career not his personal life. This fan base is hated so much because we get jealous and be so hurtful to other celebs.

  • Hannah Cortez

    Im one of those loyal ones. I love selena and im glad their back together. But seriously this fan base is tearing apart and im actually not proud of it. If you cant accept that justin is with the girl he loves then maybe u should just leave -.-

  • believer forever loves justin

    why is the #IgnoreJustinProject you guys this is stupidest thing i ever hard and justin loves his believers and you guys are ignoring him wow he loves us sooooooooooooooooooooo much and this is what you guys are doing just because hes back together with selena you guys are just jealous because hes with selena and i love jb

  • Belieber

    This is rude and rediculous. Justin has been in the studio a lot recenty. And he wanted to spend time with his grandparents and of course selena. He isn’t ignoring us just because he wasn’t writing to us on twitter. He stoped for beliebers outside his studio and stoped for beliebers while at the zoo. He has his own life too with family and friends. He can’t interact with us 24/7. It’s a shame. The one who created this shoudn’t even call themselves beliebers. Why are the starting to act disrespectful towards him? He cares for us.

  • ivan

    So Justin wasted all the attention he gave them with street meets and pics, free music songs and videos, free food and drinks for fans outside hotels and so on-this is how he gets repaid? They don’t deserve crap from him. He does not want Selena to be exposed to the hate she’s getting which is why he’s not on tweeter much or stopping when with her. What if someone starts cursing at her?

  • lambor500S

    Justin, by all means do not think all of your Beliebers is involved in this #IgnoreJustinProject CRAP! It, is BULLSH** and it is wrong. I would not be surprise if some of the media outlets were involved in this mess or had something to do with getting it started. Justin, ignore the hell out of this CRAP! And continue dating Selena, and don’t let anyone come between you 2.

    Much love!

  • Lila Martin

    I don think their jealous I think they’re more angry then jealous, I think they feel every time Selena comes around he doesn’t interact as much,and still if you think about Selena said some hurtful things and Justin takes her back after we are there for him constantly, I still think this is sad, and it’s hurtful for Justin if he sees this, but you have to understand why they would start this, and not like the whole, there jealous, no like why they would really start this

  • RB

    There are some things in life you leave alone for the sake of greatness. We want Justin to be great, leave his personal life alone. He’s happy!!

  • http://www.MindYoBusiness.com Bieber’s Shadow

    HAHA! Y’all mad? Or Naw?? #FakeAssBelibers

  • javi g

    so beliebers got tired of insulting selena for 4 years and they just give up? you have to believe in miracles. and its a miracle that selena hasn’t pressed charges against the fans who harassed her and threaten her online.


    Stupid People !

  • MacGuru17

    That’s absolutely ridiculous! Justin should be able to love whomever he wants to love. It may be a bit annoying, their on-again/off-again relationship, but it’s what he wants. It’s not his fault if he pays more attention to the person he’s dating (that’s kind of part of dating, is it not?), and I certainly don’t think that he ‘ignores’ us; he does everything for us Beliebers and I have never felt in any way ignored by him. So why would I ever ignore Justin, my favourite everything, especially over something so silly!?

  • Birk

    These so called Beliebers are not real Beliebers.. True Beliebers will always support Justin no matter what. These are crazy insane girls who think that they own Justin.. Then again I will say that some of their concerns that I have heard have some merit.. I keep hearing that Justin is now ignoring his fans now he is back with Selena. This is nothing new because for years we have heard Beliebers say that Justin is rude and ignores them when they see him in public WHEN he is with Selena.. Then when he is alone he stops for fans.. I hope that Justin is not going back to his old ways and ignores fans once again when he is with Selena, who never hid her dislike for Beliebers either over the years.

  • justinsbelieber

    wow thats so rude justin is always there for us and give him time to find out what he wants and if selena makes him happy then we should be happy too because as always for a lifetime when he smiles we smile

  • mia

    This dumb AF how the tf y’all gonna call y’all selves beliebers and turning your back on Justin? Wtf type shit is this get ready for the rest of the beliebers to disown y’all ungrateful asses! Like come on I’m not the biggest fan of Selena Gomez my self I’m not even gonna sugar coat that I can’t stand her taking it out on Selena is one thing but now on Justin Come on guys fucking grow up for Christ sakes

  • Guest

    I don’t like Selena as much as the next person. But this ignore justing thing is petty and immature. What a bunch of drama queens. Justin is not ours or any of yours. He does not belong to any of us he is not a property. Even if we don’t like who he is with there is nothing really anyone can do about it. Guess what he would tell you ? he would tell you to mind your own buisness. People need to focus on his music not his relationships.

  • Gissele

    Listen if you don’t want justin to be happy then leave and don’t come back he loves Selena so deal with it he is happy with her, his happiness is all that matters right? So let him be with who he wants to be with ok you don’t run his life. I support Jelena and if you want to hate me for saying that go ahead your more then welcome to, just leave him alone his life, his choice.

  • kylie

    guys he’s been with us for the past 8’years and you won’t even let him spend a little time with his gf? beliebers saying #ignorejustinproject are fake beliebers do you not think the #ignorejustinproject hurts him just a little? get over yourselves

  • kylie

    so justin has brought fans food//drinks at hotels and takes pictures with his fans. he does free showes free songs//music he does street meets and so on. what else does he have to do to please you? it could be worse shut up with the #ignorejustinproject. you just keep asking for more when’s he gave you enough already.

  • angie


  • Truly

    How lame and self righteous can you be?! They have no claims on him. Just pathetic.

  • a person

    I like how they put jealous first, i wasn’t appart of it but it not jealousy but hate, She shades him on tv all the time, he made a whole fucking album about how heartbroken he was and kinda told us what was happening and then boom hes w/ her again, i know that people are gonna get mad at me for saying this, and before he was rude, ignoring fans when he was with her, by himself no but with her yes, face it, both of them together arent healthy.

  • marty Dejesus

    we as believers should just let Justin be happy. if Selena makes him happy than so be it. we all should be happy that he has the person he loves. so be happy for him.