Jealous, Fans Started #IgnoreJustinProject For Selena Gomez Revenge


It looks like some beliebers are not happy that Justin Bieber has reunited with on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez – and they are letting Justin know by ignoring him on Twitter.

A group of beliebers started an “#ignorejustinproject” trend on the social media site, vowing to boycott Justin online – at least for a day.

Some fans shared their anger via social media site:

If Justin can ignore us bc of Selena we can ignore him #ignorejustinproject.

Like we all tweet each other but not him, and not like any of his photos. No interacting with him. No favoriting, tweets or RTing, dming, instagramming photos that tag him and on shots too. Let’s see if he f*cking notices.

Are you going to start ignoring fans and being rude to us again bc last time u dated her u acted as if u hated us @justinbieber

While the hashtag quickly trended, many more of fans pointed out that the project was ridiculous. Many pointed out that Justin usually goes above and beyond for his fans, some also pointed out that the trend was “immature,” “ignorant” and “hurtful” to the fan base.

Some loyal beliebers wrote:

“#ignorejustinproject” stay away. we don’t need fake fans!!!

Who ever made this hashtag #ignorejustinproject it’s really disrespectful and rude I’m really ashamed of who ever made this.

actually maybe the #ignorejustinproject would be good for me bc while y’all are ignoring him i can tweet him and get my follow

#ignorejustinproject what the hell @justinbieber has been here for us for so long If you think this is right your the fakest belieber ever!

Leave this fanbase if you actually want to do this. What the hell is this. This is so mean.

im going block, report, uninvite you to my birthday, hack and deactivate your acc if you’re part of “#ignorejustinproject”

We are here for a lifetime, it isn’t over yet. we aren’t going anywhere for a long time.

I’ve been supporting Justin through the drama, relationships, bad times & good times & there’s no way I’m leaving him.

In the wake of all the hate, Justin still has his loyal fans out there who got topics #supportjustinproject and the #ilovejustinproject trending last night.

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