Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Back On – hitting the Recording Studio Together

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez hits studio together

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez just can’t seem to get enough of each other no matter how many times they call it quits.

Justin Bieber led the way as Selena followed close behind.

Justin Bieber led the way as Selena followed close behind.

Appearing to confirm rumors they are back on, the two were spotted hitting a recording studio in Hollywood (June18) the morning after partying together at Bootsy Bellows nightclub.

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Ferrari

JELENA were seen leaving the recording studio in JB’s blue Ferrari, doing their best to not be photographed together.


Selena was back in the arms of JB on Monday – first enjoying an outing in Malibu before hitting West Hollywood hot spot Bootsy Bellows for Alfredo’s birthday party.

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  • Heyyyy

    Here we go again

  • Madison

    I don’t want them to be back together

    • Rebecca Bieber

      Me too >:(

  • Asma Belieber

    love jelenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Lailani

    Aww, they are so cute together

    • Lailani

      Justin and Selena are so good together

  • Sarah Bieber

    K……..I dont think they should do a sogntogether. I mean selena is not the best singer out there

    • rebecca bieber

      @SarahBieber…… I know right i agree with you girl ;) By the way how long have you been a Belieber?????? Me is 5 years……. You???

      • Lailani

        They so belong together.

      • Rebecca Bieber

        That’s your opinion…. But for ME they do NOT …. Don’t judge me for what i said like i said that’s my opinion….. Not ALL the beliebers are gonna like Jelena so yeah im just saying ;) LOL

      • Lailani

        Yeah okay whatever you say. STFU. Jelena are a perfect match

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        WON”T YOU SHUT UP!!!!!! Your the one who always come on here talking about Jelena you annoying low life loser. Grow up already gosh and obviously i bet you are so nice to people on real life?……… NOT!!!!!!!

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        Well to be honest

        Jelena = PUKY PUKE

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        Wow a real Jelena fan who just love to look like an idiot to herself

      • BelieberIsForever <3


      • Sarah Bieber

        I started to like him since his second album, I dont know ho long that was ago though :D

      • Rebecca Bieber

        @sarahBieber ;) cool…. Have you ever been to his believe tour? i did ;) BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!!!!

  • Malinda

    Ugh who cares gosh.Rolling eyes.

  • Birk

    I wonder if they are recording a song together? Maybe for Justin’s new album.. Or for Selena’s new album?

  • kidrauh

    Tbh they probably never was “off ” the press is always calling it “on and off relationship or saying they are back on”, but they really don’t know about there personal relationship to know if they ever broke up -_- . All I know is that I THINK they are perfect for each other and will eventually have a long healthy future together. Right now there just young and going through what young relationships go through…..

    • Mrs Ariana Bieber


    • lambor500S

      I agree ,
      Also, I hope that they stay together and work through their differences. Like you said they are young. But, as long as they
      love and respect each other and be there for each other there should be no problem for as taking their relationship to the next level one day.
      I wish both of them much happiness and success!

  • Lailani

    Oh my goodness Justin is so adorable

  • rebecca bieber

    *Groans* NOT AGAIN >:(

  • rebecca bieber

    Not again :(

  • rebecca bieber

    They could be just friends so its not like every time they hangout they will be like ” Oh look everyone were back together” so yeah that’s MY opinion…….. PLEASE NO HATE is just my expression…. Sorry but i hate selena and I love Justin and i just want Justin to be happy and move on with his life there are other tons of other girls around the world ;) I just hope Justin will date AriannaGrande or Shailene Woodley they are perfect for each other…. Selena is just to ugh and ewwwwyyyy .. Please no hate like i said is just my opinion……….. Even better Justin looks better dating a BELIEBER……….. I mean come on who wouldn’t date Justin????? He is just so hot lol ;)

  • Hannah Cortez

    Im glad their back together. They were meant to be together I guess. I just wish them the best

  • BellBieber

    Dude there secretly dating o_O

  • Sophia

    Honestly? This whole thing is ridiculous. You get this on-off relationship-publicity stunt on the headlines while there are REAL problems we should all be worrying about? I think this whole getting back together is stupid. Why? They’ve had so much times being an on-off relationship, the relationship isn’t steady/healthy. I’m sure they love each other in some way but eventually, they’re going to find a way in order for them to split (once again). Yeah sure, “love” will always find its way but the fact that Gomez was seen dissing Bieber several times and splitting up for unknown reasons over and over makes me think that they aren’t really “in love” but more of a publicity stunt. Bieber is stupid to accept Gomez back. Gomez is stupid for going back to Bieber. I thought that through all the controversies and issues, they’ll learn their lesson. Guess I was wrong. They both deserve better (I guess).

    And to all the beliebers complaining about them being back together or being in denial and forcing that they’re “friends”, here’s what you have to do, shut up and accept reality. You really think Bieber will listen to you all about who he chooses to have a relationship with?

  • Belieber

    As long as they are happy togather then all is good. Tbh they are cute together

  • Birk

    I just noticed something that nobody else mentioned.. Justin is wearing Nike shoes in that picture when he is still a spokesperson for Adidas… Dumb move on his part I think.. I know he should be able to wear what he wants but while he is under contract with Adidas he should be careful not to be photographed wearing the competition’s clothing/shoes. Especially when he has his own line of shoes with Adidias.

    • lovethebiebzzz

      he’s not wearing nike it’s the person next to him who’s wearing nike xx

  • unnamed

    ohh c’mon tats suck!!