Justin Bieber at the Playhouse Nightclub – Hollywood

Justin Bieber and Dancer Naomi Harold

Justin Bieber partying at the Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood last night (June14th).

Justin posing with one of club’s dancer, Naomi Herold (above).

@missparistokyo: So the beib stopped by @playhousehw last night and was a fan of my dancing he wanted a pic jk @igorzag snapped a pic for me @playhousebettys #soldoutsaturdays #fwbsaturdays

Justin Bieber iGorZac

@igorzag: I got that Justin Beiber please believe me

Justin Bieber playhouse club


  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    I can dance too justin ;)


    i love you JB XOXO -_-

    • Lailani

      Justin must loves going to the clubs.

  • Love soccer

    Seriously bieber partying again your awesome i love partying with obama

  • Belieber

    It is 2014 and they still cannot spell ‘Bieber’ right wow. But hope all went well and he had fun.

  • Birk

    UGHH! I wish Justin would stay out of nightclubs because trouble always seems to follow him there, with people trying to start something with him, hoping that they can sue him! Right now is kind of a bad time anyway with the so called “racist” videos still fresh in people’s minds. I just don’t want to hear he got into more trouble in a nightclub again.

  • Hannah Bieber

    I’m glad he had fun . I just hope he doesn’t get In trouble again like he did last time

  • keke

    Justin is smelling himself getting beside himself. Justin didn’t have the type of upbringing where they told him he’s still a kid go do the dishes or go do your homework. Everyone allowed him to skip what kids do they told him he now has a career. I met Justin on set of my show when he guess starred and I told him my parents never let me forget I was there child not a young actress. I told my dad one time I make more money than him. His response was “go clean the dishes.” “You are a child you do not have to provide for a family.” Justin is letting this get to his head since no one ever told him no he can do what he wants. Plus he thinks since he’s a young mogul he can get away with this. Money makes the world go round. Justin is acting like he is the richest teen but he’s not.

  • Jacob

    Atta boy