Justin Bieber Baptized in Bathtub in NYC – After Racist Joke Videos Leaked


Pastor Carl Lentz & Justin Bieber

Celebrity Pastor Carl Lentz — who has worked with Justin in the past — reportedly told TMZ he spent a week doing intense Bible study with Justin last month, right after he was being extorted by whomever possessed the videos of him telling racist jokes and using inflammatory language when he was 15.

JB’s team were reportedly contacted two months back by a man demanding a million dollars to not release the videos to the public.

Justin’s reacquaintance with religion reportedly included studying passages in the Bible and attending services, and culminated in a baptism performed in a friend’s bathtub.

TMZ reported the reason Justin got baptized in a bathtub was so he could keep things private — until the N-word videos went public and JB’s team needed to leak a story about his rediscovering religion.

  • Lailani

    Justin is a good guy.

  • oh gawd

    ya know lailani…i always see you first in most post that just happens to just come up xDD

    • Lailani

      I so love commenting on here about Justin

  • SabbyB

    Justin is amazing they need to leave him alone

  • wassup

    He can’t just keep turning to religion when something bad happens. Anytime there is a problem he tries and involves God, but it doesn’t work like that. He should speak about God period through any situation, not just his problems.

    • eleni

      He has God in his life in every period. It’s just in those bad moments when the public gets to know it.

      • wassup

        No he does something on purpose that brings god into it. Baptizing himself after his comments? Why is god only mentioned when he’s in trouble? It’s because he wants sympathy

  • Hannah Bieber

    I thougt he was already baptised ???And I agree with wassup. You should always be with god and worship him not just whenever he does something bad and this is coming from a Christian. U should always be dedicated to god not just when your being bad and u need help.he can’t be relying on god all the time every time he does something wrong. He needs to take responibilities for his own actions.


      Justin Bieber always takes responsibility for your behaving .

    • mogale proud

      English problem

    • Birk

      People can get baptized many times if they choose.. It depends on which religion you belong to as well. People do rely on God when something goes wrong in their life.. It isn’t any of your damm business to judge someone and their relationship with God.

    • jelena forever

      I thought he was already baptized??? I agree with wassup. You should always be with god and worship him not just whenever he is he does something bad and this coming from a christen U should always be dedicated to got just not when your being bad does something wrong He needs to take responiblitles for his own actions.


    Should be his instead your .

    • jelena forever

      girlfriend he is mine!

      • Lailani

        Yeah you wish. Get in line with the rest of thousands of girls that adored him

      • Lailani

        That wants to be his GF. He’s amazing and just so adorable .

  • court15xx

    Justin is already bless without being baptised look how far he come and with all his beliebers behind him he’ll pull through we’re the strongest family ever! Justin I love you

  • jelena forever

    can you come to the house?

  • Madiena

    That was about time he find a place to get baptized in NYC. I want to get baptized too.

  • jelena forever

    That was about time he find a place to get baptized in NYC. I want to get baptized too.

    • Madiena

      You a** whole if your bored go find something to do with yourself.

  • Melanie

    Shut the hell up you idiot.

  • onedirectionfan&belieber

    go Justin I love you

  • Jennifer

    Good for him. Love him.

  • smart

    goddamn, this world goes crazy. nobody cares about these jokes. too much attention to this

  • ivone

    Why would anyone release ANY information to TMZ?!?!?? “Reportedly ” yeah right!! All they ever report is negative BS against JB.

  • His Belieber

    TMZ is bullshit