Justin Bieber Being SUED over 2013 Ferrari Hit-and-Run Incident

Justin Bieber Hit-and-Run

An incident from last summer may be causing Justin Bieber trouble again.

Last year on June 18, 2013, Justin and his friend Lil Twist were leaving the Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard late at night. The paparazzi swarmed him and Twist as they were trying to leave in JB’s white Ferrari.

A photographer got in the way and after Justin motioned the paparazzo to move, he started to move his car anyway when the photographer didn’t move out of the way. On his way out, Justin struck the photographer, causing him (or pretending) to fall down.

paparazzi in pain

The police were brought in but Justin was cleared of any charges, including a hit-and-run, because the police said the photographer should not have been a pedestrian on the street.

Now, TMZ reports that Justin is being sued over a man who claims Justin injured him that night. It is unclear whether the man suing Justin is the same photographer that was struck with his car.

According to TMZ, Walter Lee claims in his lawsuit that he suffered from lacerations, hematomas, deep abrasions on his left knee and leg and deep venous thrombosis as a result of reckless driving by Justin Bieber. In addition to hospital and other medical bills, Lee claims that he does not believe he will ever recover.


  • Ammie

    Not again.

  • Lailani

    They have to be the dumbest idiots ever

  • oara

    Don’t play in the street.

  • Belieber

    Seriously? Justin probably didn’t even see him and it was an accident. It was dark and justin was wearing the shades. Will all this drama ever stop? It’s stupid as fck.

  • ivan

    This was already investigated last year; they determined it was not Justin’s fault. The guy got in the way of the car as it was leaving the curb and got swiped then he fell. He and the others taking pics were told by security outside the club to step unto the sidewalk; this guy did not. Some think he deliberately threw himself against the car for drama. He should get nothing except bandages and Hydrogen peroxide.

  • Truly

    Oh how I wish Justin would turn around and counter sue this money hungry lying excuse of a man.

  • chazzer123456

    This is getting to be a regular thing with Justin.. I hate to think how many millions he has had to pay in legal fees over the years with all the legal dramas involved with him, starting back with the 2 women who claimed he got them pregnant.. There are now at least 2 cases involving paparazzi that are suing him for money, not to mention all the other legal cases that are going on in other countries such as Canada, U.S.A & Argentina.


    How long Justin Bieber’ll be harass by scoudrels ? Beliebers to actions in order to support Justin !

  • Hannah Cortez

    Why is he being sued if all those paps were in the way. They were taking pictures and justin even tried to avoid them. that pap was in the damm way. It was his fault. I mean what would u do if a whole bunch of people were around your car taking pictures like that. That pap needs to calm the f### down Justin didnt even hit him that hard. Hes just making an excuse to get him introuble -.-

    • BellBieber

      Yea y do pple want to get him trouble all the time
      Hes only human and it wasnt Justins fault that the man was in the way he wasnt supposed to be that near the car so its his own fault he got hurt

  • Recovry ッ

    bloody liar , a minor hit ( which appears as if wasn’t even Justin’s fault) can not cause so many things :P

  • Guest


  • Azaria Paris Magee

    A case this old will never hold up in court. And the paps are clearly at fault here. You can’t swarms someone’s car, celebrity or not, and expect to go away without getting hurt. They are in a vehicle, a vehicle they are trying to move, get out of the way or risk getting run over. Honestly, so many paps get hurt by celebs in cars just wanting to move. Nobody really cares that Justin was in his car, it happens probably every day.

  • lambor500S

    The photographer that’s trying to sue Justin was not hurt when you look at the video clip his car did not hit the guy. What the guy did was got on the passenger side of the car beating on it as Justin was driving off then the guy spin around and then fell to the ground on his on dumbass LOL!
    Hopefully that idiot want get a dime.