Justin Bieber Boarding a Private Jet – Leaving Mexico – June 3

Justin Bieber Boarding Private Jet at Playa Del Carmen - Mexico 3

Justin Bieber and pal Khalil board a private jet after a quick vacation to Playa del Carmen, Mexico (June 3).

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  • K_bieber

    Justin should be getting some time away good for him.. but babe still waiting for music haha <3

  • Linda

    He smiling like nothing happen.

  • Lailani

    I rarely see Justin hanging out with his other friends

  • Hannah Bieber

    He better be coming to arizona soon -.-

  • Justin Bieber


    • Linda

      This is not the real JB.

  • Birk

    Justin needs all his close friends and family around him right now after that latest video came out.. I will pray for him that he finds the strength to come out of this latest scandal. He isn’t racist at all.

  • joshua

    he all ready said he ant rascest but reamber he is famus

  • Nicki

    Be Safe! Hope you guys had fun. Luv you!