Justin Bieber & Dan Kanter – Orange Gym Rats VIDEO


Funny video campaign by Justin Bieber & Dan Kanter via @OrangeGymRats instagram.


The goal of @OrangeGymRats is to promote healthier life habits to the youth of our nations. Creating an environment that is both fun and positive, where all people feel welcomed and inspired to be their best is what OGR is all about. With support to after school programs all over the world and the emergence of future OGR gyms we hope to inspire a movement in the youth that will promote self confidence allowing all to know that determination and motivation all things can be made possible in life. Reaching both a physical and mental goal is dependent on diminishing our fears. Orange Gym Rats is here to tell you DONT BE SCARED.


  • aleena

    wooow first comment

  • swethlana

    Wow second comment!

  • Lailani

    That was cute.

  • Birk

    Justin needs to spend more time in the gym himself. He still isn’t in the same shape like he was while on his tour last year. Then he was ripped. These Vine videos are so annoying because they are so short! I wish they would make them longer instead of only 15 seconds!

    • danielle womble

      I know Justin needs to make more vine videos with his vine crew

  • Hannah Bieber

    Aww that was cute lol

  • Belieber

    that was so cute

  • Lia

    Now that is funny.

  • Madiena

    Hey that guy is one of Demi Lovato guitar player.

  • FatBieber

    Justin needs to stay away from the gym, he looks better with the extra chunk.

  • believer loves justin bieber

    i love you JB