Justin Bieber DUI Charges Dropped: Plea Deal Includes Anger Management Courses

Justin driving Lambo in Miami Beach

Justin driving Lambo in Miami Beach

Justin Bieber has worked out a plea deal for the DUI charges against him in connection with his Miami Beach arrest in January.

A source confirms to Us Weekly that the charges will be dropped in exchange for Justin attending anger management courses.

In addition to driving under the influence (DUI), Justin was charged with resisting arrest; police claimed in their report that he cursed at them and ignored their instructions.

The insider says noting that Justin won’t even be put on probation:

It’s a really good deal and he’s happy with it. He thinks it’s fair. He just wants to put the whole bad episode behind him and move on.

According to TMZ, the reported settlement took so long because the judge wanted Justin to appear in an anti-drug PSA as part of his plea bargain. But the judge ultimately backed down.

TMZ also reports Justin will not be placed on probation, nor will he have to attend a drug and alcohol education course.

In other good news, Justin also learned this week that he won’t face a felony charge for the cellphone-snatching incident he got into in May 2014.

CNN reported Friday, June 13, that the L.A. County district attorney decided not to pursue “felony prosecution.” The robbery complaint — from a woman at Sherman Oaks Castle Park — will instead to go the city attorney, who will determine whether to file a misdemeanor charge against the Biebs.

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  • Turkey2turkey

    We’ll atleast u aren’t on probation or going to jail

  • Belieber

    im glad he’s not going to jail. this is a good plea deal.

  • #1belieber

    I’m happy with it too. I just want this ancient shit to stop already.

  • Belieber4Life

    Good Deal. Even tho Justin may or may not have anger problems, he should still go. Happy hes not going to jail, but also dont think he needs anger management classes but ok

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    Its a good deal but lik you said #1belieber he doesnt need to go to anger management classes

  • Hannah Bieber

    Im just glad he isnt going to jail. Even tho he doesn’t have problems but he should still take it for when he gets under control


    The right news that Justin Bieber’ll not sentenced to jail .

  • Bieber Fever

    I don’t think he has anger issues but it’s still better than jail.

  • lambor500S

    Justin, I hope the rest of your cases are done the same way for as working out some type of plea deal with you so you can put all this behind you and going forward just think before you act.
    Much love!

  • Sam

    Good. I’m glad he’s out of trouble and thank God, I think he needs those anger management courses. His temper definitely has a short fuse, that’s for sure. Hopefully this helps in the long run!

    • Lailani

      At least he’s working with Chris Brown.

  • Someone

    Bieber fan logic: *when a normal person drives drunk* “ARREST HIM! That MAN’S ENDANGERING MANY PEOPLE’S LIVES!!!!” *when bieber drives drunk* “he didnt mean to, it’s just one small mistake, he never does anything bad”