Justin Bieber in Canada


@justinbieber: Mosquitos in Canada are crazyyyy wow


Justin, Poo Bear, and founders of Shot.me Johnny & Sammy in Canada.

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    I hate misqiutos o_o
    Hope they didnt bite :)

  • Belieber

    I don’t like misquitos :/

  • Lailani

    Can’t stand the mosquitoes. There annoying

  • Hannah bieber

    I got bit by a mosquito once. But what is he wearing ???

  • Madiena

    Ain’t that poo bear that used to be in his boy friend video and he have a shirt that said chunky Bieber??

  • Birk

    The mosquitoes can be bad at times.. I wonder why they didn’t just get some mosquito repellant instead of those mosquito nets they are wearing. I’m glad to see Justin being surrounded by people who are supporting him during this rough time.

  • jelena forever

    your a bitch!

  • im just beautiful me :)

    @jelena forever who are you talking about being a b selena or justin?

    • Lailani

      Wow, where did that come from

  • K_bieber

    OMG is he in toronto or where I neeeeeeeed to know!! i live in canada so i really need to know

  • Luigi Severus Fletcher-Bieber-Horan-Tomlinson

    Look how ugly he is.

  • GiSou BelieBer

    Oh my Bieber :)
    Mosquitos i hate them wow

  • Nicki