Justin Bieber Jailed in Selena Gomez’ Behaving Badly Movie – Cameo


Justin Bieber’s cameo in Selena Gomez’ new movie “Behaving Badly” to be released in August 2014.



  • Lailani

    Aww, that’s so adorable.

    • Mary Bizzle

      i agree…….:)

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    Warning do not watch the trailer……….

    • Bieber1994

      To late for that :(

  • Oypa

    i think they come back together

    • S

      I think they’re gonna get back together too…

    • iosnapitzrauhl

      It’s not Selena’s movie, she acts in it. The producers and the directors decide what’s IN the movie. So it had nothing to do with her!

  • Madiena

    That that that boy used to be on Naked Brother band on Nickelodeon and why the put Selena oh please give me a break put someone else besides her ugh help me lord.

  • Ammie

    This looks like another spring breaker movie and little kids fans can’t watch this movie too is much going on there.

  • Linda

    I don’t think I will wanna watch this movie when it comes out it all about the boys that like Selena Gomez of course.

    • Kadia Chamime

      Selena Gomez has grown into a mega superstar in both the singing and acting world. ..

      stop hating on selena gomes

      • Vicki

        Get Real Kadia this has been released on DVD only smh

      • Lailani

        So has Justin. For his music.

      • I love selena

        I can’t wait to watch the movie it looks like it’s gonna be very funny

      • I love selena

        Pretty sure you can watch it anyways

  • Linda

    Yeah I think I don’t wanna watch it I can’t stand her she wants every boy to have a crush on her ass stupid Bytch.

    • Kadia Chamime

      I don’t think you are a good person , if you hate someone like Selena Gomez , she has grown into a mega superstar in both the singing and acting world. ..

      • Linda

        I am a nice person not everybody going to like someone that they can’t stand.

      • Linda

        An im not interested in this movie is disgusting like they wanna make a blank movie just to be with Selena Gomez to find a way to make out with her.

  • Mally

    This movie look kinda old like they now bringing it out cause Selena looks a little younger their.

    • Just Saying

      Yeah it was filmed like 2 years ago I think.

  • Belieber

    That is a nasty movie cuz’ of the trailer. I dont even like it

  • Boy belieber

    U got to be kidding me? They are using one of the character from the naked brother band (nat) to be in this movie this isn’t right at all!!!!!!

  • Linda

    Idk what you guys think about this movie the same way as I am but I think they should act more like High School kids maybe Because if they showing all these nasty stuff other kids will do the same thing thinking it is alright…..Gosh you don’t know how much I can’t stand Selena Gomez why she have to be in it I really want to know why???.

  • Hannah Bieber

    I dont think I want to watch it bcuzz it looks dirty but if its gonna be kinda weird that selena and Justin are going to be in a movie together if they like hate eachother now

  • rb

    However you look at it Justin is in the movie. For Justin too be in the movie means that a signed a contract. So why is this clip of Justin coming out? I can only speculate that it’s too boost ratings. As I have said before, when you’re a couple, there’s nothing wrong with using each other to help each other’s careers. I’m going to see the movie when it comes out.

  • Jill frienderson

    People it just a movie. If you want to watch go to the move and watch it. It’s a movie for christ the lord not real life

  • Tigger

    This movie was filmed in 2012, when they were still dating. It doesn’t mean they are still together!

    • Lailani

      Uh the movie looks tots stupid.

  • Madiena

    They now post the real person of him kissing so the other picture wasn’t Taylor Latner it was Nat.

  • jojo

    they are already back together PEOPLE!!!!!!!

    • Lailani

      No there not. Selena and Niall was seen hanging out together

    • BeiberArmy

      Nope Selena and Niall are dating TAKE THAT JELENATOR!

      • Lailani

        Uh how would you know that if there dating. There probably friends.


    Very funny movie ; bravo Selena !

  • summer

    i’m not gonna watch this it’s just normal mainstream movie with no original concept

  • what?

    Justin beiber in Selena’s Movie? OMG how much of a fame whore is this bitch?

  • BeiberArmy

    Really, Why is Justin’s and Selena’s PR having Justin be Selena’s cameo in this movie? Are they that desperate to make Selena that successful? make Selena stand on her own two feet instead of using Justin!. I agree with What? what a fame whore

  • Mary Bizzle

    weird but is it even true because justin hasnt said anything? well if the trailers out well maybe possibaly but …..idk maybe its just a publicity stunt cuz well arent they broken up like i dont unerstand ….\but i dont really like selena but i think they look adorable …if its KIDRAUHL uill watch no lie but justin getting arrested? aawwwwwwwwwww adorable but yeah ill watch ..now i cant wait for august to come …..:) #veryexcited #ahhh #icant wait…..ahhhh but JELENA in a movie!!!!!!! III CANT WAIT girls lets go watch it together

  • Mary Bizzle


  • Birk

    Is this really a clip from a movie, or is it footage from when he was in jail overnight in Miami?? It will really anger me if the producers use this clip for publicity for their movie.. When was this made I wonder?

  • Nicki

    That movie seems dumb

    • Lailani

      Thank you I tots agree. She’s not even that good of a actress. She sucks at it. Vanessa hudgens is more poise at acting.

  • Natalie

    Great job Nat for trying to be sneaky.So it seems like he back to get back famous again.

  • Isabella

    It’s funny how I see comments on here like “oh it looks nasty I don’t wanna watch it” and I’m just…what…like can u not..if it looks nasty y say something…people calling Selena Gomez an attention whore for having Justin Beiber in the film what if she didnt WANT him in the movie or didnt know about it till it was too late…I’m wondering how old are the people on here… I don’t even know how I came across this website I fucking hate Justin Beiber… (Watch I get a comment about how “nasty” my language is LMLBO)

    • Isabella

      *only here for the trailor

  • Lailani

    The movie doesn’t look all that good.

  • stringbiebs


  • ERIC