Justin Bieber Might Be Dead Within Two Years – Kris Herzog Prediction


The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills owner, Kris Herzog predicts that Justin Bieber might be dead within two years, unless he changes his lifestyles.

Herzog recently was asked to take a look at Justin Bieber’s security team and to weigh in on just how safe he actually is and those findings were dismal at best.

According to Celeb Laundry, Herzog spoke with Justin directly and learned that a professional security team isn’t necessarily. Instead Justin reportedly prefers to hire his own friends.

Via Celeb laundry:

Justin prefers to hire his gangsta friends to keep trouble away. The problem there is that instead of protecting their friend the do whatever he tells them to. That means they begin (or finish) fights, they hot box airplanes to the point that the pilot is wearing an oxygen mask while making a mayday call and they aren’t trained to handle emergencies.

Kris Herzog hand-delivered his findings to JB’s manager, Scooter Braun and in it, Herzog predicts that unless the young star is willing to make major changes like firing enablers he could be dead within two years.

What do you think Herzog’s prediction?

  • Justin’s girl

    What?! I don’t want Justin to die in 2 years time it’ll be the worst moment in history. His fans will be nothing without him. :'(

    • BelieberIsForever


    • keke moye

      U r so right his fans would be nothing without him and I don’t no wat I would do without him

      • Belieber 4 Eva

        Yeh we would all have a big scar on our hearts forever I would cry evey day and it is bad because I’m way younger than justin

    • Lailani

      Uh lies and more rumors. Lies BS

    • Lailani

      True, they can be over zealous and Stupid.

    • Lailani

      Justin is amazing and so freaking hot

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Guys it ok this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about justin will be for a long Time with us

  • BelieberIsForever

    I love Justin, And Justin will still be alive by 2 years…. This crap just got to stop already ugh!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong Im a proud Belieber for a very long time

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Yessss thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah Cortez

    I just hope he doesnt bcuzz hes still young and he still has a future ahead of him. If justin were to hang around with the right people and not get into trouble then he should be fine.

  • belieberforever

    I love justin. He will be here for a long time. This are BS. Beliebers need him. He is our lifesaver

  • Emily Halem

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of, he’ll be alive and fine by then

  • Someone

    I’m no bieber fan but he needs to change these ways of his cuz if they continue, these predictions might come true. Just because I don’t like him, I don’t want him actually dead. I was sad when mj died and I don’t want beliebers to experience that. I’m no fan, but I don’t want him dead

  • Birk

    I have longed said that Justin needs a professional security firm to take over security detail. A lot of things this guy stated is true unfortunately.. Justin does treat these bodyguards as friends instead of employees.. How many times have they stood by and let Justin do whatever he wants, then he later gets himself into trouble over it? Some of the crowd he hangs with are shady indeed.


    Justin’ll be dead so rapidly ? impossibly !

  • chino

    I think he got a point… justin should hire a professional security team and not his friends who are unexperienced. Its just for his own safety; he better think about that again. Better to be safe than sorry

  • BellBieber

    I do agree that Justin should have a proper body guard instead of his friends but y would u say that he would die in two years! No Belieber wants to hear that

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      I’m dying inside and know mad

  • ivan

    The site that reported this are the same ones that claimed Michelle Obama was pregnant some time ago; they are basically a smear site that has reported may false stories on Selena and Justin. Justin and his staff would not be talking about his personal security matters with those men who look like typical Justin bieber haters. They probably got their information from gossip sites like TMZ. Also, Justin and his security have been doing fine for over 5 months now with no trouble. Before that Hugo mishandled a few situations with paps but now has been great at the job.

  • ivan

    I doubt Justin would want to hire men that would speak so negatively of him and his security calling them thugs. Since he’s around security all the time, he would want guys he could be comfortable with.

    • Birk

      These are professionals and they know what they are talking about. Were they critical of his Justin’s security detail? Yes they were, but they were asked to give a honest opinion and they did. It’s no big secret that Justin’s securtity has got into trouble the last couple of years from attacking paparazzi and bystanders in several countries to standing by and not preventing Justin from putting himself into harms way.. I don’t think anyone would argue for Justin’s security team and that they don’t have a bad reputation as being unprofesssional. Professional security teams are not supposed to be buddies, they are there to protect a client. Getting his buddies to serve as bodyguards is one of the several reasons Justin has so many legal issues.

      • ivan

        I agree to a great extent with you; they did over react to paps and brought him problems; he is being sued by two of them because of his bodyguards. One is no longer with him; the other,Hugo, has been doing a good job for the last 5 months. Apparently they learned how to handle the paps better. they practically sleep with him so he has to feel comfortable with them. As for the security guys above, they certainly don’t look or sound like friendly fans. They sound like haters.
        Finally, the source for this info on the guards is an unreliable site with many false stories as Gossipcp has revealed. they once falsely said Michelle Obama was pregnant.

      • Belieber 4 Eva

        Yeh but he shouldn’t say things like justin dying in a few years we all no that justin will eventually die but u shouldn’t create a date that’s just wrong

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Ur so right that guy just made it worse for himself beliebers and other fans are already mad butcher justin speaks out he gonna be in a lot of hot water

  • Truly

    This guy owns a security firm! Of course he’s going to say these crazy drastic dramatic things because he wants Justin’s business. And saying he hires his “gangsta” friends to keep trouble away? It’s so obvious what he’s doing. Next.

  • Shantelle Perez

    That will scare me, it’ll break my heart to pieces, I’ll cry for who knows how many days if that happens. I always pray for him for nothing bad to happen to him. He’s like my brother. He’s Like family to me. I’m not a parve thinker about him…actually I’m not a parve thinker at all. I love him with all my heart

  • Shantelle Perez

    Can u guys answer this question for me please? Can u tell me why are the reasons u guys like Justin? I like him because he’s sweet, humble, caring, loving, he has dreamy eyes that anybody could fall for, he’s a good person, he believes in God (that’s one of the most reasons why I like him) and he’s like family to me (like a brother). He’s also funny haha

  • Belieber

    I do believe he needs professional security. & I just wish justin would hang around the right people who will guide him into the right path and say no to the bad things he does as well as to keep him steady. Instead of some which are like ”I dont give a damn, I can do whatever the hell I want”. And I don’t like how they’re saying he will be dead in a few years.! I just dont wanna think about that.

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Yeh ok thts right

  • Belieber 4 Eva

    I saw this like forever ago but was to furious to comment but this is all I have to say

    If this DUSH BAG doesn’t shut his face he’s one gonna lose a lot of followers but he gonna be dead in less that two days

  • Belieber 4 Eva

    Sorry about what I said earlier it’s nice to no that he cares

  • Nicki

    Why wpuld he say something like that? That is a negative thing say. :(