Justin Bieber Moves into Beverly Hills Condo, Neighbors Complain Weed Smell – Says Report

Justin Biebers Condo Beverly Hills

Justin Bieber reportedly has found a new place in Beverly Hills, Calif. following egging conflicts with his former neighbors in Calabasas. A new report by TMZ, however, suggests that Justin’s day in his new condo in Beverly Hills is not really peaceful either.

According to the report, Justin rented a unit in the building and another in the floor below for his bodyguard. Justin moved into the new condo earlier this month. The neighbors in the building, however, reportedly were disturbed with excessive noise and marijuana smell from Justin’s place.

A resident in the building tells TMZ:

The smell of marijuana was permeating the floor, especially my hallway which is shared by [Justin's] unit.

Another neighbor complained of similar problem when Justin allegedly threw a small party on Monday.

Since Justin moved in, police reportedly have been called twice due to the alleged problems with the neighbors. They also reported the issues to Homeowner association.

  • angie

    ….Oh well…he’s not the only person who smokes weed (IF he do smoke). Weed may be illegal but just cause he’s famous dosn’t mean he’s the only one doing it.

  • Hannah Cortez

    I thought he moved to atlanta ??

    • Becca Bieber ( The Belieber)

      Me too :(

    • Becca Bieber ( The Belieber)

      I live real close to Atlanta Georgia ( I live in Alabama)( USA)….. So yeah i hope he moves to Alabama sometimes it’ll be so cool if i found out my Idol lives at the same state where i live ;)

      • Lailani

        Blah blah just a bunch of BS

    • Gabby

      Also thought he planing to buy a mansion house in Atlanta to get away from all the trouble and for him to change but I guess not. Is crazy Because you can not hateTMZ they getting good money for doing these things.

  • Angelica

    Oh great what now I thought he was hanging out with his off/on girl friend.

  • Angelica

    Since Drake Bell don’t liked him I wounder what he is going to say about this.

    • Becca Bieber ( The Belieber)

      Eww Drake Bell

  • Sarah Bieber

    If the building doesnt allow smoking then i think he should stop. I’ve smelt weed and its not the best smelling thing ever. I think justin should just buy a house and do whatever he wants. If he lives in an apartment he ha to respect other people too.

  • Lailani

    Doesn’t Selena live in calbassas. She’s amazing and adorable

  • Abigail

    I know Justin have bad behavior problems.But what to believe?

  • lambor500S

    Justin, be careful and watch what you do. Because, someone that lives in your Condo building call TMZ talking about they smell marijuana in the hallway on the same floor of your condo. It could be a rumor or just someone trying to get paid by TMZ with a story that involves you.

    Much love!

  • Truly

    This makes me crazy. It’s a complete lie. Just like TMZ reported Selena had a raging party last week and cops were called. Have you seen her house? There’s an empty lot next to it! TMZ should be shut down for harassment. It’s beyond out of control. Ugh.

  • Belieber

    Maybe it wasn’t a good idea that he moved into a condo. People all be saying they smelled mariguana and when justin parties, they’re always gonna complain.

    • Lailani

      The tabloids are full of shit and rumors

    • Lailani

      Nothing they say is true all BS

  • MacGuru17

    Oh Justin, why not just move to Iceland (it’s beautiful, inspiring, there’s lots of cool clubs in Reykjavík and has plenty of room to build an awesome house elsewhere with no paparazzi to speak of), or perhaps Amsterdam where you can smoke all the weed you want and nobody will bother you, lol? Or just move back to lovely Canada.

    He doesn’t like paparazzi and wants to just be left alone, but he keeps choosing places to live that are crawling with paps and people that want to give him hell. Obviously, if he’s throwing a party in a condo the neighbours are going to notice and complain; even if I was living there and knew it was Justin I probably would too. If there were no neighbours he could do as he pleases and be left in peace. Atlanta wouldn’t be much better either, to be honest.

  • ivan

    Tmz exaggerated the last time about the party of Selena; they most probably are exaggerating here. They don’t say how many neighbors complained; it could have been only two who are haters. The police supposedly came twice. So why, if there was the smell of pot all over the place, did they not do anything? TMZ has been wrong in some of their recent reports?

  • Birk

    What is wrong with Justin??? He should know by now with his experiences with Calabasas that neighbors won’t put up with loud music, and parties.. Now his problems are starting all over again this time with complaints of the smell of weed coming out of his condo.. Just watch what will happen when the condo association votes to kick him out if this continues. Justin wake up and change your behavior, the last thing you need is more bad publicity.

  • ivan

    Go to the inquisitr site for a new report which talks about this incident and indicates it might have been exaggerated.