Justin Bieber Rushed to the Rescue of Mayweather‘s Children in Car Accident

Justin Bieber Floyd Mayweather
Justin Bieber rushed to the rescue of his boxer pal Floyd Mayweather‘s three children after hearing that they were in a bad car accident, reports TMZ.

Floyd was apparently on the BET Awards red carpet on Sunday (June 29) when he heard about the crash. He happened to be on the phone with Justin, who wasn’t too far from the scene, so he drove to the accident site to check on the little ones.

Justin Bieber Floyd Mayweather accident

The crash scene

After telling the cops that he was a family friend, Justin reportedly cheered them up by playing his music and then took them to see their father. Luckily, there were no serious injuries, other than a cut lip, in the multi-vehicle collision.

  • Jaime Gilbert

    Oh nice of u to do that Justin you are so sweet

  • Belieber

    Aww that’s so nice of him to do that. He cares for others.

  • Hannah Cortez

    Awww that was nice of him. This is the justin the media needs to report about.

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    Awhh.. Justin is soo carring and too sweat why can’t ppl see this side of Justin please goshh help those ppl who can’t see this side Loveeeeeyouuuuu Justin ♥♥♥

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    And no one see’s the nice in Justin, they only see the bad..smh

  • Always believing♡

    Well. That’s why we love him. He’s just love.
    I’d like to see people running their mouths about this, as when he does something bad.

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    Aww that’s so nice.

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    Why cant people understand and see the Justin the way we see him :(
    Hes truly a lifesaver

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    Justin is such amazing guy who truly cares about his friends

  • Birk

    Very nice of him to do that and I bet Floyd appreciates him checking out his kids to see if they are all right.

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    This is why I love Justin, he does so much for others , Love you Justin and I have those 3 kids in my prayers

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    Hes such a love. Thats why we love him. I wish people could see how good he is

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    awww to cute see theres more in there then what everyone thinks ..

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    Good example of a caring and devoted friend. Glad to hear that Floyd kids were ok.
    Much love!

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    That is why I love him

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    See justin whent to see what happened see justin is a good guy that makes me mad because tmz dont even talk about the good that justin does and it really makes me mad but to see that he cares about maywater children it majes me happy and I love you justin so much but iam glad that noboby got hurt

  • belieber for ever

    justin is a true hero , and this is all proof baby