Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Our love is Unconditional


Justin Bieber reportedly posted – and then deleted — a picture of him and Selena Gomez on Instagram, renewing fans speculation about whether they have reunited.

A screenshot said to have been taken from JB’s Instagram account (above) began circulating online.

The erased black-and-white image, showing Selena embracing Justin, was captioned, “Our love is unconditional.”

Soon, “Justin and Selena” was trending on Twitter.

It’s not entirely clear that the picture was legit and not a fan photoshop.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

    That isn’t Selena

    • Lailani

      Yes it is. I’m so aww of them .

    • lana

      its photoshop she posted that exact photo of her on instagram like a month ago. someone just got a pic of justin and photo shopped it together and made him black and white

  • lambor500S

    Justin & Selena you 2 take great photos together. One day I hope that both of you would do a photo shoot together for Neo Adidas Shoes it would so cool. Just like David & Victoria Beckham. Also, I hope you 2 will still consider touring together that would be so awesome!

    Take care of each other
    Much love!

  • Abbelieber

    Yay!!! I love Jelena!!! I hope Justin would be HAPPY!! with Selena!!

    • Kris fondnazio

      Yeah right u wish

  • Abbelieber

    Yay!!! I love Jelena!!! I hope Justin would be HAPPY!! with Selena!! Love you Guys!!

  • Bieber Fever

    I really don’t like Selena nor Jelena but yeah if Justin is happy i’m happy :/

    • Lailani

      I just hope Selena misses justin and still cares about him.

      • Bieber Fever

        I’m pretty sure she does I just hope if they now start dating again that they don’t hurt eachother again like always :(

  • Jujubee1996

    I would love it if they were back together! Jelena 4 ever….. But I hate to say it but it also looks like a very clever pr stunt. I hope it’s for real but tbh isn’t it a coincidence that this pic is posted after Justin’s recent media sh#*tstorm….maybe to get the media focussed on their getting back together instead of the racist allegations/discussion……ohhhhh I don’t know……..

    • Birk

      If she still has feelings for him, why wouldn’t she be supportive of him at this time? Selena and Justin are not dating anyone else. They have had a almost 4 year long relationship.. She knows him intimately and knows exactly what kind of person he is away from the media.. If she comes out and publicly supports him then it is because of she still has feelings for him, and knows deep down that he isn’t a racist. You can shove your PR motive theory where the sun don’t shine! Further more why wouldn’t anyone who knows him well for years not come out and support him?

      • Jujubee1996

        No need to get so hostile, I’m just giving my opinion.

    • Lailani

      I just hope they end up together

  • Dana

    It’s fake, only for pr.

  • Kate

    That doesn’t look like Selena and that could be anyone with a fake tattoo on their neck.

  • aleena

    i hate u ur a jerk!

  • Allie

    It’s real I have a screenshot of it my self he posted it for 30 seconds then deleted it right after

  • kikusqua forever beliebers

    i love jelena i am happy

  • jelena

    they never broke up

    • Lailani

      They did break up. There not even back together.

    • Lailani

      They did break up. Just hope they stay Connected and friends.

  • Ms.Justina Bieberka

    Is it Selena Gomezs arm???

  • Lailani

    I would love to see jelena back together

  • oh brother

    Here we go again. Another publicity stunt because Selena is coming out with a new movie. Every single time she has something new out she runs to him. You “jelena” fans sure do not see this pattern here?. When she isn’t coming out with anything she shades him and trashes him etc then flips a switch and runs by his side as soon as she comes up with something new . Once a fame whore always a fame whore

    • Joseline

      Some people agree with you but some people don’t and I’m thinking I agree with you cause she gets back with him when she needs it

    • Belieber

      Yeah your right. Whenever a movie or new music is coming out she is always flying to see Justin for promotion because without him, she is really not anything. It always happens. -_-

    • Bieber Fever

      Exactly thank you.

    • Kris fondnazio

      I agree just what we need her slutty ass being an attention who’re

  • PJ

    isn’t that photoshopped, I mean, how come Selena’s hand is so big and masculine ?
    I’m just saying ..

  • Army Bieber

    It is photoshopped. There is the picture of Justin wearing that same shirt, he’s leaning forward and has his hands in a prayer. It looks like whoever photoshopped this flipped Justin’s picture to the other side and photoshopped it into someone’s arms. That clearly is not selena’s arms.

    • Amani

      I agree. It has to be photoshopped, it looks so out of place and that arm looks to manly. It doesn’t make sense how ppl think this pic is photoshopped or fake looking

      • Birk1

        So why would this be on Justin’s Instagram account then deleted afterwards? That hand is stretched out and the lighting and the closeness to the camera makes it look like it is huge, as well there is also a forearm. There was a picture of Justin and Selena last year that made them both look like they had yellow skin. because of the lighting.

  • Belieber

    It’s photoshopped

    • Birk1

      Why would Justin post a photoshopped picture of himself and Selena Gomez on his official Instagram account then delete it after??? Unless Justin’s Instagram account was hacked and someone else posted this photo, then I am going to assume it is real.

  • Just Saying

    Make up y’all damn minds already. 20,21 year olds playing instagram games.

    • Lailani

      I so love jelena

      • Just Saying

        Stop being annoying!

      • Lailani

        STFU damn idiot.

      • Bieber Fever

        Yeah yeah pleas stop we knoe you like jelena would you please just stop now with all your I love jelena and shit we know we know now pleass pleass pleas stop i’m begging you it’s so god dammit anoying you know not evryone likes jelena if you do good for you comment it once but pleas stop with posting under everything i hope their back together or whatever we knooooowww now pleas stop :) sorry for my long comment i’ts just anoying but no worries I love you :D

  • Catrin

    @ohbrother I totally agree with you I hope one day he marries her gets her pregnant and then cheats on her while she’s pregnant or after she has the baby

  • she’llsofie

    well, we don’t really know why they haven’t seen each other for a while. we don’t know for sure wether Justin has been cheating on selena. though we do know selena stopped following several of her friends on instagram including Justin. but I’m just happy they decided to meet again and if they want to try again why not. I mean a relationship is built upon trust, honesty and love. you know I Think there’s some truth in the fact that you never forget your first love. obviously they both still love each other and if they know it in their hearts why not try again. as long as justin’s happy and healthy I don’t care if he choses to date selena or anyone elase for that matter. Justin and selena have known each other for a few years and they have a solid, strong friendship that probabbly grew into love. according to what I’ve Heard and seen in my own Life those relationships will be lifelong. hopefully it’s the same for Justin and selena. My heart’s prayer is that they’ll stay true to each other and comit to each other. I love them both and wish them nothing but the best. as long as they’re happy together or apart we should be happy.

    • kc

      Caitlin is Justin’s first love

  • holy virus

    is that selenas hand it looks so HUGE lol love u jb

  • S

    It’s not photoshopped. Why would Justin himself post a photoshopped pic of them?

    • Lailani

      Yeah I highly doubt that it’s photoshopped idiot

      • Just Saying

        STFU u damn idiot

      • Selena is a fame whore and always will be

        yea Kanali i think you’re speaking yourself. Anyway those arms are huge it is obviously not Selena, That arm belongs to Justin’s dad. Just watch after her movie and album are done she will be back to her pathetic life posting sad selfies on instagram and shading/insulting Justin. Then it will be another recycled reunion again and again whenever she comes out with something new. Beliebers are onto her game!. We know Selena Homez is a washed up Disney star that cannot act worth a sh–it and cannot sing. Already had a flopped movie ( break away) and i’m sure this one will flop too. Her acting sucks. She is fooling herself if she thinks she will ever be as big as Justin and OR Britney Spears. She cannot ever top Britney Spears that’s for sure because Britney is a pop QUEEN and Selena is just dirt and dust.

      • Bieber Fever


  • MaganBieber

    I see you guys on here saying the photo is photoshopped and the photo isn’t. To me it kinda does look photoshopped but then again it doesn’t. Then I see people on here saying ‘Why would Justin post a photoshopped picture of them. They’re dating again.’ Umm you do know Justin posted a photoshop picture of them before right…

  • deathbychocolate

    i dont even know what to believe anymore….


    when their is a new movie cooming out that selena made she goes back to justin and when theirs a new song cooming out she goes back to justin but when theirs not a new song cooming out she just diss him and treats justin like trashes and for you jelena fans you guys need to wake up and smell the coffee beacuse all she does is diss him iam not trying to heat on her but its ture and if i was deating justin i would like him for him just saying once a hore always a hore

    • MaganBieber

      You just said everything I was thinking.

  • Hannah Bieber

    I think its photoshopped but if its real I really dont care anymore if they get back together or not cuzz I dont any drama going on between them

  • Lovejb

    Jelena my ass justin is going back to her after all the shade and shhit and we helped him through all his hard times and now he’s just gonna throw it away blocking beliebers who the f-ck dose that to the people who made you famous in the first place tbh justin can sometimes be an ass

  • nicki

    I hope they not

  • Bbb

    Why do you people even still care about this dumb relationship? . I think it’s weird their relationship is weird , they should of been with someone else by now they make up then brake up so much times its retarded . no other celebrity’s do this but these two