Justin Bieber 2nd Racist Joke Singing ‘One Less Lonely Nigg**’ (VIDEO)

One Less Lonely Nigga

A new 24-second clip video emerged Wednesday showing a young Justin Bieber singing a racist parody of his 2009 hit song “One Less Lonely Girl,” the second time in the last week he has been depicted making racist comments.

The video, published by TMZ, shows  JB sitting in a chair and giggling as he croons the tune while replacing the word “girl” with the N-word. He also mentions joining the Ku Klux Klan.

“One less lonely n—-r. If I kill you, I’d be a part of the KKK, and there’s gonna be one less lonely n—-r,” he sings.

PLEASE NOTE: As Justin Bieber Fansite, we’re here to support Justin, and is in no way to disrespect him. Our intention is to deliver news and facts about Justin. But Justin is a human just like us, we all make mistakes.


Justin apologized last Sunday after a video emerged that showed him telling a racist joke.. … saying, “I thought it was OK to repeat hurtful words and jokes, but didn’t realize at the time that it wasn’t funny and that in fact my actions were continuing the ignorance.”

  • oh gawd

    he’s only 15, he thought it was funny he didnt know it was messed up. Yes hes wrong for doing that but he was only 15 and he made a mistake, and people learn from them.

    • a

      only 15? at 15 you know the difference between right and wrong. especially something this awful. there are no excuses for this. people can’t keep making excuses for him.

      • Doesn’t matter

        This boy isn’t 3 years old, a 3 year old doesn’t know any better. A 15 year old DOES KNOW BETTER!!!!. Let’s see remember Columbine Mass shooting Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold? in Colorado in the 90’s? yea, they were about Justin’s age, what are you going to say? ” oh they were just teenagers they didn’t know any better!”. That is just the dumbest defense i have ever heard when you are of that age you DO Know from right and wrong. You can’t keep giving him excuses forever. What he did was dumb and now Karma’s being a bitch and biting him in the ass. Now he has to own up to it. This is coming from a black woman and you know what? i’m done with his ass and his fake apologies. All the black folks that are sticking up for this white monster are just ass kissers. Obviously you forgot what happend to YOUR ancestors more than 50 years ago SHAME ON YOU!. I’m out.

      • Linda

        Im exactly feeling the same way @Dosen’t matter is.We already know he has been getting really into too much trouble lately like what’s up with his mistakes then all the sudden he in trouble again.

      • tokie

        I agree…

      • Birk

        Yes some do know the difference between right and wrong and yet still go out and do and say stupid things while they are teenagers. What excuse do you have for your ignorance today? This article does not get into this further with the explanation that he later told Usher and Will Smith about the existence of this video and then Usher began the process of turning Justin around and educating him on the racism that black people faced. Flash forward to 2014 and Justin obviously not the same dumb kid he was in this video and he is still very close to Usher and Will Smith and his family.. We don’t have to make excuses for Justin because his actions today when it comes to his close relationships and love for black people are not the same as it was when he was 14/15.

  • He knew

    He was 15 he knew what he was saying was wrong but still decided to do it. He has to own up to what he said now.

  • lolo

    At 15 I knew what racism was and i knew what was right and what was wrong.being 15 is no excuse to his bad behavior

  • Just Saying

    His fans are going to keep defending his behavior no matter what, doesn’t matter if was years ago or not. There’s a line and he completely crossed it. This is totally inexcusable. And what makes it even worse is that everyone in this video is just full of giggles, like wtf!!

    • Doesn’t matter

      I Know right? what’s so funny about killing a black little girl? that is effed up!

    • Birk

      Giggling like kids you mean? Giggling like teenagers who think it is hilarious? Like that never happened in history where teenagers giggled about terrible things without thinking about the consequences or said things without thinking about how hurtful it would be to others. It was bad thing and nobody is saying it wasn’t.. However 14 years old is not an adult, no matter how much you try to argue that it is. As for those idiots who are trying to hold something over Justin’s head that he said when he was 14 years old, apparently the concept of rehabilitation never once entered those feeble brains of yours. This is exactly what Usher and others did for Justin, they turned his life around and showed him that words can hurt as much as actions and helped him to change his ways when it came to racism. The time to change teenagers views on racism can and should begin when they are young so that they don’t grow up to bigoted adults. Apparently none of you twits neither understand or have heard of that!!


        I see that today I am going to start HATING this website! LOOK PEOPLE DON’T COMMENT IF YOUR NOT APART OF THE RACE THAT WAS BEING OFENDED! IT’S NOT FAIR BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW HOW WE FEEL! My grandfather ALWAYS said he was racist but I refused to believe it until now. FUCK JB!


        Look, I’m a thirteen year old black girl and I know racism is wrong. I have a fourteen year old white friend and she knows racism is wrong. So why cant a fifteen year old CELEBRITY know racism is wrong? I thought that when you become a celebrity they teach you about how to protect your image. And how to not say something stupid. But, HIS crew recorded the horrible behavior. (I tried to be civil in this comment by not cursing. I did good.) Justin has been going down hill and this is takes the cake.

  • Kate

    His fans think he’s an angel and can do no wrong, therefore they will keep defending him. They gotta come to the realization that he’s not as good as they think he is. When they defend his actions he keeps doing stupid things cause his fans will stick by him.

    • Lailani

      And you people think Selena is so innocent and think she’s god.

    • Birk

      Let me get this right.. You are basically saying without a doubt that no teenagers can ever change their views and actions on life such as sex, racism, crime, etc. Real important things like that? Not according to you and your views on Justin Bieber.. Apparently it is just fine to hold something over his head he said as a 14/15 year for all of eternity? Take your hate and ignorance else where.. The Justin Bieber we know today is not the same dumb kid who said these hurtful words when he was 14/15 yrs old. Unlike yourself his views on life have changed for the better!

      • Gumdrops and Lollipops

        He is the same dumb kid. You obviously did not see all the videos and reports of the shit he has done since what? Around 2013?

  • S

    He probably just thought he was being funny when he wasn’t but just because he said these things I still don’t think hes racist

  • S

    Btw theres a difference between an actual racist and Justin. He makes bad jokes while using the n word. Okay, he shouldnt have done that. But I thought a racist was someone who is disgusted by black people and Justin isnt. It was a long time ago,he apologized. What more do u people want from him

  • kidrauhlll

    Wat justin said is completely wrong and should have not been said. honestly at 15 years old u know it is wrong to say such a thing. BUTTT we all make simple mistake. tbh most of us probably said something racist with are friends just playing around, but of course we woudnt remember something so small since it wasn’t spread globally around the world. HONESTLY I do not think he is racist considering the fact that he picked usher instead of justin Timberlake as his mentor, and most of his friends are black, lastly because he grew up listening to Michael Jackson and even Tupac. -_- obviously he is not racist like c’mon. and im not just saying this because imam belieber. btw im black lol . didn’t know this comment was ganna be so long but yeah I was just expressing my opinion. :) COMMENT IF YOU AGREE!!!

    • Ammie

      Yeah I agree with you.

    • PoohBear 143

      Me being black I agree with your comment. He ain’t a racist…plus this was recorded 4 yrs ago so why did they wait till 2014 to publish the video when they could have did it then. So hush up cuz he ain’t no racist he’s surrounded by too many black people to be racist


        For one thing, you make black people sound illiterate because ‘aint’ isn’t a word. Secondly, celebrities put on sweet fronts all the time for the public. Thirdly, at the age of fifteen you should know not to say things like that, especially since at the age of fifteen he had black people in his team. His bodyguard Kenny (I think his name was) has been there since the beginning and he has the nerve to make this video?

    • Birk

      I agree.. I wish that the moderators would post the entire article where it explains that Justin told Usher and Will Smith about the existence of this video years ago and then Usher began the process of educating Justin on the real effects and consequences of racism.. Today Justin has learned from his mistakes and regrets his actions as a 14/15 yr old at age 20. Those who are angry with him for these comments he made must think he still thinks the same way.. When that could be the furthest thing from the truth. Justin had years to change his views on racism and change he did for the better.

  • SabbyB

    Omfg just leave the poor kid along tosh.0 is a glorified racist jack ass iggy A. Is a racist but oh yes dig up shit justin said FIVE YEARS
    like if you honestly wanna get news stories find something else to talk about
    Im not saying what he said was right but at the same time youre really gonna be mad at something that happened years ago?
    SERIOUSLY?! ARE YOUR LIVES THAT HOLLOW FOR YOU TAKE THE TIME TO EDGE ON OLD PETTY BULLSHIT?! Honestly …people like this make me sick an if you dont agree i dont give two rat tails
    Justins not racist
    Stfu and have a nice day

  • K_bieber

    SHUTUP THE HELL UP! okay everone makes these mistakes u can say u have NEVER said somethin like that but u have no shutup yea okay he was 14 he thought it was funny i dont agree with him saying that but im sticking up for him okay wanna know why because hes my idol okay all idols make mistakes even when they are younger okay all of fans are differnt race and same with his friend NOW CALM DOWN okay shutup One direction do stupid things and no one talks bout it like they smoked weed in front of a police officer and they didnt get into shit.! Okay this from like 6 years ago? Justin is really sorry he didnt mean to say this okay shutup already please He is making it up to us calm down!

  • hollie

    Its wrong ! Point blank period. No excuse should be ashamned of himself. He knows he gets away with everything though, brat.

    • Birk

      Excuses are one thing but when you back up changing for the better with actions and honestly regret saying things like Justin did then there is no excuse from people like you and others that views on life can never change. Justin did a stupid and hurtful thing here, and nobody is denying that.. What he has done since then and the fact he owned up to it later to those closest black people in his life at the time Usher and Will Smith and to this day is still very close to them shows that they have forgiven him and know that he has changed his views and ways for the better when it comes to black people.. They know him close as a human being so their support for him over the years shows me that he has changed for the better.. But apparently you think you know better than everybody else?

  • Belieber1220

    Okay the first time you do something it’s a mistake,the second time is on purpose.I am a huge belieber,but i think this is the most racist thing i have heard.Justin was a brat when he was younger that was probably the reason i did not like him back then.But,Justin has completely changed from then.He has people that will tell him not to do stupid,rude,and disrespectful things.Obviously,the woman laughing couldn’t tell him to stop,but now people will put him in his place.Please do not support this behavior i know as a belieber how we want to stick up for justin for everything that is thrown at him.As a human being,i will forgive Justin for his mistakes and pray that they will not happen again.Thank You.

    • Lailani

      Oh my goodness seriously, you people need to get off your high horse.

      • M

        No, you need to open and get a fresh dose of reality and realise Justin isn’t a little angel who can do no wrong. He messed up and it’s inexcusable, racism isn’t a joke, especially at 15 when right and wrong are very clear.

      • Lailani

        Wow really people get over it. So five years ago.

  • Bbb

    This is his second time so what the hell are you taking about a “mistake” he did that on purpose and clearly went over the line

    • Lailani

      No he didn’t, he was young bad naive you damn idiot.

    • Birk

      This video happened of Justin at age 14 was a year BEFORE the other video of him at age 15 was released.. You do understand that right? So you should reverse your timeline here first of all.. Has Justin changed for the better now, of course he has. Is Justin now call black people among his closest and dearest friends with some who see him as part of their own families like his “Uncle” Will Smith for example.. The answer to that is two thumbs up. Did Usher and Will Smith know about this video years ago, yes they did as well. Have they forgiven him since then.. Of course. Did Usher take a personal role in educating Justin about racism, yes he did and the positive changes Usher made in Justin’s life about racism are now obvious. Now what excuse do you have for holding to hatred of your own?

      • Bbb

        Ok but look he was singed by usher at that time he was making these videos and he had some fans , knowing that his mintor was black he made a racist video not 1 but 2 and he used the N word in both of the videos . Like I said that’s not acceptable especially when he has fans

  • Hannah Bieber

    Really Justin the KKK ???? -.-

  • Believe forever124

    I think justin really screw up big time.

  • Believe forever124

    And he really should have now joke about it.

  • Believe forever124

    Sorry not joke about it.


    American community’s band of cowards repeteating thoughtlessly catchwords , e.g : Justin Bieber’s bad boy .

  • tei

    Shut up to the people saying its wrong, yes we all know it was wrong of him to say but kids who are 15 now a days say the n word and its not a big deal. But bc he’s Justin bieber he gets so much crap for it. Obviously he’s not racist look at who he hangs out with. It was 5 years ago get over it.

  • Sarah Bieber

    I was ok with the other video, it was just a joke. But this one….the excuse that he was young is not acceptable. At 15, he supposed to know whats right and wrong. Saying that he was young is not acceptable. I still dont thinkthat hes racist cus hea not. He was just stupid. There, not immature, just downright stupid. Hope he learns from this

    • Birk

      Ugghh!!! JustinBieberZone… Please update this article in it’s entirety.. You are missing out on most details.. Like Justin was 14 at the time of this particular video and the first video released was of him at age 15.. Plus you left out how Justin and his management wanted this released to the public so he could own up to it.. Plus you left out how he was the victim of extortion attempts for these two videos. Not to mention that Usher and Will Smith were both told about this video from Justin a couple of years ago.

      • Sarah Bieber

        I know hes not racist and he has leanrt from this. I just hate the excuse ” he was only 14/15″. Diesnt matter if he was 14 or 15. I wasnt siging about killing a black person and joining the kkk when i was 14. He should know better than that. But it soesnt matter, its all inthe past and he apologized. So lets move on

  • Sophia

    This isn’t a mistake but rather a choice. When you’re 15 (heck I’m 15), you know what’s right from wrong. You know what should be said & what shouldn’t be said. At 15, you’re starting to mature and become more careful about what you say and do as it will affect someone. So what I’m trying to say is that, age isn’t an excuse. We can clearly see that 15 year old Bieber wasn’t at all mature and was a careless insensitive idiot. But mistakes/wrong choices can’t and won’t define you as a person. What will define you is how you handle it. So, all you beliebers, shut up about Bieber only being 15 at that time or everyone makes mistakes blah blah. Stop making up excuses for him because that will only give him the mentality that when he does something wrong, it’s perfectly fine because he has an army who can defend him and make up excuses for his behavior. Stop defending him instead, encourage him to apologize and move on. Life doesn’t stop because of your wrong choices. We’re all bound to f**k up, that’s the point of life, to experience the good and the bad. Lastly, if God can forgive, what more for us?

    • Bbb

      And he was signed by usher his mintor who is a African American male

    • Bbb

      And he was signed by usher his mintor who was black

    • Boybelieber

      I know this is immature. This is not fun any more. And i’m not trying to defend Justin and don’t start making excuses but this is the truth. Don’t think the measurement of something only goes on to choices but not the age. Let me ask you, what did you say when you’re at the same age as he’s? Are you aware of how many hurtful words you have repeatly said at 15? It’s pretty questionable but can you kindly give an argument about his behaviour and not judging him, plus think before you leave a comment! Stop judging and sending hate to him cause JB doesn’t deserve so much hate! I know it’s your mouth and so you can say whatever you want but he can now stand by himself and continued to inspire others to do sth good. Like did you know the “Believe Charity Drive” project? Did you know who raised over $1K for the Typhoon Haiyan Campaign in Philippines? Do you know anything about it? If you’re not, stop acting like a mom, like you know everything!! This society always focused on the “Bieber” as a bad influence for kids without knowing Justin is already 20. Justin has reduces 34% of suicide in US by his songs “Believe” and “Be Alright”. Sometimes the media is also out of control bc they only focus on the negativity. No doubt, this what celebrity life is. But they’re generally like us, they’re humans too. They’re going to make mistakes but still growing…. No one is asking you to love Justin but please… you can simply take a sit and respect! How would you feel if you were being watched and judged by the whole world! You only know our name, not our story or what we’ve going through…. that’s all. Spread love and positivity!

  • Sophia

    Honestly, Bieber shouldn’t be embarrassed about this video clip. What he did was inexcusably wrong, but this clip will prove that Bieber isn’t perfect. After all, set aside the fame and fortune, Bieber’s just like any other 20-year old adult out there. It’s just because he’s famous and well-known that even the tiniest wrong decision can turn to a big issue. Bieber should be sorry but at the same time proud of his mistakes because his mistakes will show that even though a ton of beliebers think of hm as a role model, he will still make mistakes and do wrong decisions because he’s just a human being.

    • Lailani

      Thank you I tots agree. He was naive. He’s changed know

  • Lol

    Jeez guys…. Calm down.. I think no wait… I KNOW that EVERY single one of us has done one thing or another that was completely unacceptable DESPITE us knowing it. So u all look at YOURSELVES first before u point fingers on others. And secondly, not all of us are world famous pop stars who get stalked and criticized for EVERY single thing you do. Of course I’m not saying that what Justin did was acceptable. He should have thought better but everyone is bound to make mistakes!!


      Don’t try to cover for him a mistake is different! After what happened in history shit like this is unacceptable! But you must not be apart of the race he is talking about, because it you were……U WOULD BE FUCKING HURT! What if you have loved him since 4th grade but you find out years later he talked about your kind like trash! that he just wanted you to buy his shit so he could get famous! ALL those people he hangs with could be a front on how he really feels!

  • Mrs bieber

    Coming from a black person, black people make race jokes about white people all the time too. What he did was really wrong obviously but everyone’s a little immature at 15 especially boys. And he’s obviously not racist pretty much all his friends are black


      Actually not all black people do is sit around and talk about white people. Obviously your white, so your not offended by this comment. But, if this video doesn’t concern you then you shouldn’t comment because this video wasn’t meant to offend you. You have a high level of ignorance and nerve if you think that he is innocent. I have a fourteen year old white friend and she knows racism is wrong. Justin Bieber hangs out with more black people than she does.

  • EmmaBieberxoxo

    It was wrong for him to do this but everyone makes mistakes
    And anyways this was in the past when he was abit younger and i know he should have been more mature (boys mature slower than girls…)
    But lets just forget about this he said he was sorry anyway
    Btw i thought that video was so funny i lmao :D

  • Belieber

    I didn’t think it was nice of him doing this. But maybe he was probably was just having fun-idk and not thinking before doing it. Everyone does stuff that could turn bad in their life time. But I hope this is the last video of this. Maybe no one said anything about him using the N word. Maybe that is why he thought it was okay to do it, cause everyone makes a racist joke in their lives.


    mostly everyone has said something racist in their past which get forgotten about a week later, Justin is unfortunate that he’s a celebrity and his past will be brought up a couple of years later. It was just some stupid little comment he made whilst being with his friends, you can obviously tell that they were enjoying themselves so tbh there isn’t a need for all of you to comment and slag him off.

  • -Belieber

    Okay I understand why everyone is upset by this and Yes Justin was very wrong… It has no excuse for what he has done.. He also said so himself…. At 15, you’re still young… you are still learning right from wrong….. you made alot of mistakes at that age… and this is a mistake he has made… he has grown up since than…. he has learn how such words could affect people and he publicly apologized for it…. Everyone makes mistakes but it’s clear, people who hate him… will say the most hurtful things just to bring him down and try to ruin his career… they are so many things alot of other celebritiy does, why don’t the media dug up shit about them and make a big headline about it? No they won’t, because the name Justin Bieber is money making so they would do anything or say anything to make money of his name and in the process try to ruin his career…. The fact is, it was a long time ago… He was he kid, he made a god damn mistake…. Get over it people!!! He didn’t lie, he took responsible for his action and sincerely apologized…. that alone shows you how much Justin has grown up!!! You people need to give him a break!! Jeez! I’m just so sick of all this BS!!!

  • Sophia

    I can’t take it with you beliebers who still classify this clip as a ‘mistake’. You can’t always be saying that every wrong thing Bieber has made is a mistake. And for heaven’s sake, this is the 2nd clip of him saying the n-word. The first time Bieber gave a racist joke, maybe that was a mistake. But the second time? No. That’s a decision. A wrong decision. Mistakes are something you commit because you lack knowledge. And after you learn about it and realize it’s wrong and commit it for the 2nd time. Now, that’s no longer a mistake. But a decision. So shut up about all these ‘everyone makes mistakes’ bs. Because this was HIS CHOICE not a mistake.

  • Fangirl Tia

    Word has it that there is a THIRD video where he rants about black people for 20 MINUTES. Like wth that’s no mistake that’s just crazy. The first joke was easy to dismiss but doing it over and over is rude considering his career was founded by black people.