Justin Bieber Tells N-Word Racist Joke, Planning A Public Apology -VIDEO

JustinBieber-Racist Nword Joke

In a recently surfaced clip reportedly recorded during the making of his 2011 concert documentary, Never Say Never, a youngJustin Bieber, said to be 15 at the time, tells a racist joke and repeats the N-word several times.

“Why are black people afraid of chain saws?” His punchline, repeatedly saying, “Run N****r.”

According to British site The Sun, Justin’s camp knew about the existence of the footage and was willing to pay to keep it from surfacing.

TMZ claims it had the clip years ago but declined to post it because of Justin’s age and his team (not included in the clip). A source says that Justin is currently “frustrated and sad” and plans to apologize and address the clip publicly within the next day or so.

Justin Bieber Apologizes for Racist Joke.

VIDEO BELOW: A 15-year-old Justin Bieber told a racist joke to friends … knowing his own photographer was in the room and rolling.

Justin’s ex-bodyguard says the 5-year old video of Justin telling a joke using the n-word multiple times does NOT make him a racist … just a bad joke-teller.


Kenny Hamilton tweeted:

We all make jokes about people’s size, look, or race. That doesn’t mean it’s right but comedians make millions of dollars profiting off… of these jokes. If someone is racist or prejudice you would know from a persons actions. Not because of a joke a 15 year old says.

What I do know whole heartedly is @justinbieber is not prejudice nor is he racist. He wasn’t raised that way and his family isn’t either.

Yes he said some bad jokes and I know if he could he would take back what was said. He’s grown a lot in 5 years and as we all grow we learn.

He will always be criticized and judged every day of his life by people who only know him because of blogs or the press. That won’t change.

As a black man I am telling the world that @justinbieber is not a racist. I have known him since he was 12 years old and I know his heart.

Justin Bieber Apologizes for Racist Joke.

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