Justin Bieber Trolling Fans with Semi-Nakɛd Photo?


After causing a frenzy amongst fanbase by sharing multiple photos of his dayumm body pumping iron at the gym few days ago, Justin once again is playing with fangirls’ hearts everywhere by trolling his beliebers with more semi-nudɛ — or, maybe, actually nakɛd — pictures.

In his latest addition on his Shots account, Justin goes for a literal hot crotch shot by snapping a photo of himself at Jerry level. Or.. he could be wearing bottoms that we can’t see in the revealing selfie. But then again, maybe not.

So, are the pants on or off?

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  • Liliana Galvis

    Justin is a amazing man, i love u so much your belieber for life

    • BelieberIsForever <3

      I know he is amazing!!!!!!! :) Belieber 4life tooo!!!!!!

      • Liliana Galvis

        How long are you a belieber

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        For 4 years ;) Next year will be 5 years, What about you sweety?

      • Liliana Galvis

        For 4 years

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        OMG me too ;) LOL were like twins <3 hehehehe nice meeting you I'm Becca by the way :)

  • Belieber 4 Eva

    They could be off but I prefer not to think like that so in going with on

  • Belieber

    They might be off, js. But i think he went a lil too far this time lol

  • Lailani

    All I see his abs. There so sexy. Oh my god hot.

  • Lailani

    He’s to adorable and such a hottie.

  • Lailani

    He’s so hot. That’s what I call hot and sexy.

  • Hannah Cortez

    They might be off lol but he sexy asf

  • Shantelle Perez

    As long as we don’t see his privates he’s good. He’s always posting pictures shirtless so he’s good he’s not showing the rest of his body parts

  • Shantelle Perez

    My opinion is he has pants on

  • Gissele

    He is really hot love him and I am pretty sure he has boxers on hopefully(for his sake)

  • belall

    I hope that Justin isn’t going to start posting naked pics of him like rihanna, if he posted a pic of his privates then he will be hated more and actually that will make me very upset.

  • Birk

    This is just another shirtless picture, this time shot from the angle looking upward.. No need to get freaked out thinking he is gonna post naked pictures like Rihanna or Lady Gaga. Having said all that though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Justin posts some pictures of his rear end… LOL

    • Susie

      Haha yeah I wouldn’t be shocked either :)

  • Here for justin♡

    Just cause he takes a pic from that angle doesn’t mean he’s naked…(x and I thought we didn’t use the term “jerry” anymore

  • me

    what would be so bad if he had hem off anyways its not like you can see it in the pic .. but tooooo SEXY!!

  • Me :)

    I truly hope he’s wearing something cause people are going to make a big deal about it :/ but i honestly don’t mind him naked ;)

  • Ammie

    His pants are on he could of low it down to make it look like he is naked.

  • lovethebiebzzz

    O goshh let him be it’s not that you can actually see Jerry

  • rani bieber

    o O GOOOOOOSH justin are soooooooo beautiful and sexsy and a mazing naked

  • rani bieber

    really there is no one love justin bieber in the world like meeeeee cuz i love him more than selena and his fans and every girl in the earth and more than my self and more than my familly LOL

  • rani bieber

    i m nember 1 in love with justinnnnnnnnn

  • Nicki

    Idk! They might on or they might be off. Either way he is still sexy. Luv you!

  • BellBieber

    Oh ma god xp
    Im just gonna pretend his pants our off

  • Lyanne♥Miller

    OMG naked or not always a hottie

  • ivan

    James Franco and others have posted pics that are more revealing the the media does not make a big deal of it.
    But Justin has to be careful with what he posts since it appears only he is under a microscope for everything he does.