Justin Bieber’s Egging Case Paralyzed. DA Office ‘can’t decide felony or misdemeanor charges’

Justin Bieber egging case

Five months after Justin Bieber’s alleged egg attack on neighbor’s home, District Attorney’s office still can’t decide between felony or misdemeanor charges.

According to TMZ, the prosecutor has advised charging Justin with a felony but some in the DA’s office believe it is a misdemeanor, even though the damage far exceeds $400, which is the maximum amount for the lesser charge.

TMZ reports they are worried that “If they file it as a misdemeanor it might appear they’re going soft on Justin Bieber because he’s a celeb. But if they file a felony it might look like they’re trying to nail him for a stupid egging just because he’s a celeb”.

Justin allegedly caused more than $20,000 in damage during the vicious egg attack near his former home in Calabasas in January.

The incident was caught on camera, and the neighbor can be heard shouting: ‘I can f***ing see you!’

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