Omg! Justin Bieber Impregnated Two Different Women – Rumor!


Just last month Selena Gomez reportedly suffered miscarriage while pregnant with Justin Bieber’s child. Now rumor has it there are two more women claiming they were also impregnated by the Biebs.

According to In Touch magazine, JB’s team rushed to cover up the pregnancies before anyone could find in order to protect Justin and maintain his image.

“He just expects his team to handle it,” a source tells the publication.

The two claims were “dealt with,” another insider explains, adding that women who say Justin has gotten them pregnant are investigated, and if their claims have merit, are “taken care of financially” without ever coming into contact with the pop star again.

What do you think? another fiction?

  • ivan

    These rumors surfaced before and Gossipcop said they were not true. In Touch has been exposed several times even today for false stories. I doubt they are true. Other celebrities have been accused of something similar by lying women. Unless it’s confirmed by reliable named sources, we should not believe it. Keep in mind however, Justin might have fooled around in his younger years; most boys do.

  • nihal mimoune

    like wtf!!!!! leave him alone this is pure ballthit why they do that if for get his beliebers agains him they are off the road i’m staying IDIOTS

  • Belieber

    Omfg this is bullsh*t. First that mariah girl, now they have to go back at it again. -_-

  • Kidrauhl

    I doubt those are his children. Justin said he would never leave his child. These women are looking for publicity. Mariah Yeater made thousands off her false accusations. Justin is not that type of person; he would own up if he slept with those women.

  • lambor500S

    Boy! These tabloids and media outlets are on a roll today being nosy as hell in Justin and Selena business as usual.
    Justin and Selena if these rumors are 100% false you should consider suing whoever ran these stories. Especially Selena, since they keep bringing up she miscarried.
    If, there is some truth to these stories stop telling your so call friends your business more than likely it is someone you both know that is putting your business out to the public.

    Much love!

  • Melanie

    Nothing new Im seeing bunch of old marathons.

  • Lailani

    Wow, who comes up with these lies and BS. Lies and more rumors.

  • Catrin

    Speaking of being pregnant I doubt this is true Justin’s not that stupid to just sleep around also I hope one day he marries selena gets her pregnant then cheats on her while she’s pregnant or after she has the baby it’s what she deserves

    • Jocelyn Yepez

  • Birk

    We all ready know about this!!! Justin was hit with two paternity suits when he was 16 by two older women in their 20’s. Both of them were proven to be bogus and he even took a DNA test with one to prove it wasn’t his kid.. These older women could have been charged with having sex with a minor had they went further and faced jail time for having sex with a 15/16 teenage boy. What kind of grown woman sleeps with teenage boys that are 15 or 16 anyway, then goes put and broadcasts it for all the world to hear? Except for female pedophiles… Why bring these bogus stories up years later after it has long been forgotten?


    The next crocks !

  • john smith

    in touch magazine is bs. use gossip cop as a resource only. !!!!!!!!

  • ivan

    Ever watch Jerry springer where women are confident this or that guy is the father and none is? Unless there is a DNA test, believe nothing. Also, Justin might have fooled around with some girl; later if she turns out pregnant from some other guy who hits and runs, she might claim Justin was the father for whatever reason. This has happened many times with girls that fool around with many guys.

  • ivan

    Anyway, Gossipcop has said these stories are not true.

  • Recovry ッ

    Wow, one rumour about Selena and all the famewhores have already gotten their asses excited -.- BITCHES!

  • BellBieber

    This is the dumbest crap ive ever heard

  • angie

    if that was his kids, we all know he would have sticked by her side. he loves kids, and its seems especially if thats his, which i doubt it is, he would wanna be around no matter wat.

  • rebecca bieber

    DUMB RUMOR I EVER HEARD >:( Justin is the most amazing person ever <3