The Craziest Belieber!


Wishful thinking! Craziest fan?

  • RB

    Can OD fans top this? You-re crazy girl, crazy girl and you know it

  • Hannah Cortez

    I actually never done that lol

  • mia

    This picture is so old

  • Sarah Bieber

    we all have secrets ;)

    • Len in love with the Biebs

      yeah… 100%

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/anmllvr234 Cat

    what the

  • BellBieber

    Thats just gross u wierdo :-!

    • Becca Bieber

      IKR!!!!!! EWWWWWW

  • Len in love with the Biebs

    Funny…I know that every belieber wants Justin…LOL ;)

    • Bees

      Especially me;)

  • Sophia

    Disgusting. That isn’t even funny anymore. Idolizing/looking up to your idols isn’t about wanting to be with them or even f**king them but idolizing them for their craft. It is honestly saddening to know that fans like these exist. Only uneducated people go as far as doing that. Is this what humanity has resulted to? I’m quite worried about how the future will be like with these kind of people.

  • Guest

    Weird, Funny, and Old. LOL thats the kind of belieber who’s really crazy and perverted.

  • angie

    Every belieber dreams, yes its disgusting when you would take a picture of your self doing that, but then theres other beliebers who has secrets of actually wanna to do that…but that right there is just stupid for taking a picture of doing that.

  • Belieber

    haha well, i dont do that. maybe i’ll kiss my posters but that’s about it

    • Bees

      Haha don’t we all

  • Birk

    This is hilarious in my opinion.. Perez Hilton did the same type of pose on his website with the same picture of Justin.. Yuck though with Perez ..LOL

  • Shantelle Perez

    I don’t think like tht about him nor do those things like tht he’s more like family to me, a brother who most likely is probably a bad influence for me but…my love is unconditional for him. It’s to late to stop me now. I loved him since I was little. As a brother.

  • Shantelle Perez

    Trust me I never thought like tht about him. But I have who do think like tht about him. I will share my little secret about him, I talk to the box of The Key perfume where Justin’s picture is on it. Like if he was my brother or friend

    • Shantelle Perez

      I meant to say friends in the sentence “But I do have friends who do think like tht about him”

  • DeNaya Joshlyn Mosley

    ewwww way too far O_0

  • Bees

    Why did u have to kill mufasa ( quote from lione king)