Jay Williams: ‘Justin Bieber was truly inspiring & changing lives’

justin bieber jay williams

ESPN college hoops analyst and former NBA player Jay Williams tweeted out the above photo on Monday evening.

Yes, that is a photo of Williams and Justin Bieber on what The two appears to be on a private jet. And Justin throwing up a “west side” hand sign in the photo. The caption is the best part. “Changing lives” Actually, Justin is changing lives by attempting to make it acceptable for sports fans around the world to root for as many teams as they want to.

  • Birk

    There are far too many celebrities like Justin who are glamorizing gangs, yes that is a well known gang sign Justin is doing.. I know most people don’t know about gang signs, but this is one of them like the article states.. This is just stupid on Justin’s part and I wish he would stop doing it before someone confronts him.. I have read on other sites the criticism that celebrities like Justin & Chris Brown as well get for doing this. I’m a Belieber but Justin is being naive if he thinks people are not noticing he keeps doing these gang signs.. I’m glad that Jay Williams sees the good in Justin though.

  • Lailani

    Justin is amazing guy.

  • Nicki

    That’s great that he support every sport team. Have fun!

  • Hannah Cortez

    Of course he changes life. He changed mine !! Thats why i love him. And im glad Jay williams suppports him and sees the good things in him and its great how justin supports every sports team.

  • Liliana Galvis

    You are amazing Justin. I love u so much latina belieber for life

  • ImBelieberForever

    I love Justin so much :) He does so much for others

  • Hi

    That sign stands for west side considering he lives on the west side it’s not bad . Also doesn’t mean he’s part of a gang . People use that sign all the time. He just representing where he lives