Justin Bieber at the Whole Foods Market – July 21


Justin Bieber shows the cameras some love, stops by Whole Foods Market in San Fernando Valley, California to pick up some Gum before heading to the Studio (July21).

He looked stylish with all his bling, a black DMC Fedora hat matching his leather harem trousers and a colorful patterned sweater.

  • lambor500S

    Love the shirt different but cool!

  • Belieber

    That outfit is on point! Anyways, ya gotta have your gum lol & cute smile

    • Beliebers Hate Lailani

      His smile :) So cute Im glad he’s being happy again, i got so worried when he got angry at paparazzis and stuff. People really need to respect our boy Justin he has feelings too.

      • Belieber

        I know, people need to respect his privacy. But im glad he has been happy these days

      • belieberforever

        So true !

      • Belieber

        Both you guys are riight! @disqus_uwYybBLmxb:disqus @beliebershatelailani:disqus.

      • Beliebers Hate Lailani

        Thank you sweety :) your so sweety

      • belieberforever

        Thanks ♥♥ :)

      • Beliebers Hate Lailani

        Amen :)

      • belieberforever

        Agree. And its amazing to see him smiling like that. I cant help but smile too :)

      • Beliebers Hate Lailani

        Thanks :) And yes its amazing to see him happy again

      • Belieber

        U smile I smile :) You just can’t help but smile when Justin does because it’s just so adorable

    • Beliebers Hate Lailani

      Im a proud Belieber forever < 3

  • Belieber 4 Eva

    Justin looks awesome and happy

  • me

    hes such a babe XD

  • Hannah Cortez

    His smile <3

  • Lailani

    Really idiots. Change your username fool.

  • belieberforever

    When u smile, I smile. His smile made my day.

  • Birk

    I wonder how many paps Justin is friendly to? It seems that Justin looks happy to see some of them, and others not so much.. When we see Justin smiling at paparazzi, then we know they are the paps he likes and they are the ones that treat him with respect.

  • He’s on drugs

    Gum for when he’s rolling on ecstasy

    • Birk

      I assume your name is what YOU are all about… Huh?

  • believer loves justin bieber

    it makes me happy when justin is haveing fun and not worrying about the tmz massing with him and iam just glad that he smaling and haveing a good time i love you jb

  • #1belieber

    I LOVE that outfit!