Justin Bieber ‘Champ Of Charity’ at Young Hollywood Awards -PICS VIDEO

Justin Bieber Winning at the Young Hollywood Awards 2014

Justin Bieber picked up the Champ Of Charity trophy at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards at The Wiltern in Los Angeles (July27).


Justin won the trophy in recognition of his five years of outstanding work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

A Wish recipient Grace Kesablak presented Justin Bieber witha special trophy

Justin worked the crowd into a cheering roar as he hugged his very special presenter, Make A Wish recipient Grace Kesablak.

Justin Bieber arrived at The Wiltern in Los Angeles

Backstage: Justin didn’t dress up but preferred to stay casual in a grey zippered sweat shirt over a white shirt, faded jeans and white trainers. He wore minimal bling, just a thick chain necklace under his shirts and his signature stud earrings.

Cody Simpson congrats Justin Bieber on stage

Justin got a friendly congratulations from fellow pop singer Cody Simpson onstage, and the guys seemed like old friends as they posed for pictures backstage.


  • stringbiebs


  • Birk1

    I’m sorry to say that I am a bit disappointed that Justin did not wear nice clothes like a suit for this award, it would have made him look more classy and mature. I am very happy for Justin and he deserved this award.

    • me

      i agree .. he would of looked so sexy *_* jejej and it would of showed that he cared a lil more i think .. but like you said no matter what he was wearing he deserved it and im very happy he won ..(:

  • Hannah Cortez

    Awww I missed the awards :( but I’m so proud of him that he won

    • Beliebers Hate Lailani

      Ikr :( me too

      • Love music Belieber :)

        They are actually showing the awards on t.v. Today I know the awards were yesterday so it kind of weird but yeah just to let you guys know :)

      • Beliebers Hate Lailani

        DARN IT JUST MISSED IT AGAIN :( I was just so busy hanging out with my friends and stuff Oh well, hey I heard that teen choice awards 2014 come on this year do you know what day?????? Please tell me I miss Justin so much on Tv everytime I hear an award coming up it always reminds me of Justin, i just love doing that and actually to be honest i have been doing that for five years :) been supporting Justin 2010 <3

      • Birk

        Justin got snubbed at this years Teen Choice.. But it’s their loss not Justin’s. Just for that I hope he never goes back for an award for them again.

      • Beliebers Hate Lailani

        I just hate it when they snubbed him :(

    • Belieber

      It will be on TV tonight at 8pm on channel CW44 =) It is pre-recorded that’s why.

  • aleena

    i love him,i fall in love with him everyday…

  • Lailani

    Aww, he’s so cute and adorable.

  • Lailani

    I love seeing him and Cody together. There besties and there the hottest guys ever.

  • Beliebers Hate Lailani

    Congrats Jb i love you

  • Beliebers Hate Lailani

    I LOVE JUJU <3

  • lovethebiebzzz

    OMB his smile i can do anything to see that smile it’s so cute!!! congrats Justin you deserved it :)

  • lambor500S

    So, glad that the crowd showed him much love as he was walking toward the stage. That has to be the best feeling in the world when you are accepting your award and everyone is screaming and just going crazy for you. Justin, you look nice in gray should be one of your favoritr colors.
    Much love!

    • Birk

      That was great!! Wasn’t it? This is what I want to hear when Justin goes on stage, applause for Justin, but there are so many people out there who are jealous and resentful of him and all his success.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Lizzy__Bieber kiddyrhaul

    Congraulations to my baby Justin! I love you J!

  • Belieber

    I’m so proud of him! He’s doing this because he loves to see smiles on their faces and just loves to give back. He’s a good person with a great heart.

  • Biebs

    That was nice of him to bring along a fan. Im proud that he won again. His outfit is hot, I want the sweater. This isn’t really a thing where you have to wear a suit btw..js js

  • dchopsey

    CONGRATULATIONS Justin. You truly deserve this award. You have made so many kids happy. GOD bless you Justin

  • Lyanne Miller

    He deserves it I’m so proud

  • belieberforever

    He deserve it. So proud of him ♥♥♥

    • Beliebers Hate Lailani

      Yes he does :) Our Idol is the best <3


  • justin_usher2

    I was so happy for Justin for him to hear the applause for him. I thought he looked great in his grey sweatshirt. It was very classy looking with the added zippers. At least he didn’t wear drop crotch pants ( I know his blue jeans were sagging, but they were not “drop crotch”). So he looked well put together. His style team did a good job. I believe this is all part of plan to get him back on track to win awards again. I believe he will get back on track, if we all stick together and continue to vote for him. Justin did a great thing by taking Grace to the program as his date. I am sure she had a blast. Great for both of them. #Beliebers forever

    • Birk

      The way I look at if Cody Simpson can go on stage to present the award to Justin wearing shorts then I guess it was o.k. for Justin to wear casual clothes.. I agree with you 100% on him not wearing the drop crotch pants or sagger pants. Yes we have to keep voting for Justin whenever a fan choice award is announced. I love it that Justin gave Grace his award.

  • lambor500S

    I just seen the video when Justin, was on stage accepting his award. That was the most generous act of kindness I have ever seen from a celebrity. To turn his moment into making that little girl (Gracie) dream come true on stage and giving her his award
    Justin, I wish you all the success you can handle and then some.
    Much love!


    Bravo Justin ! Polish Beliebers congrat you this awards !

  • Raffaela Drew Hechenberger

    awwwwrrr…Justin <3

  • bizzletunesjb

    Justin looked so hot… im so proud of him, he’s managed to [ick him self up again, im so glad i saw that big and true smile of his.. JUSTIN YOUR A TRUE BLESSING, proud belieber … so MANY applause’s XD

  • PercyBieberxD

    I Only Have Like 4 Words To Describe This Website…. Oh My Fucking Bieber <3

  • justin_usher2

    About the Orlando Bloom story this is what I believe happened: Bieber went to say ‘Hi’ to Leonardo DiCaprio,” an eyewitness tells Us. “Leo was sitting next to Orlando. Bieber reached out his hand to shake Orlando’s hand and Orlando just looked at him and avoided him.”
    After getting snubbed by the 37-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean actor, the “Boyfriend” singer, 20, blurted to Bloom, according to the source, “Tell Miranda ‘What’s up.’” …
    Bloom apparently did not appreciate Bieber’s comment, and took a swipe at the singer. “Bieber ducked the punch,” says another insider. “He didn’t get hit. Justin’s boys eventually jumped in and got him away.”

  • Shantelle Stephanie Perez

    Wats the big deal about his clothes guys? At least he wasn’t wearing a lot of gold and showing off. At least he was showing he also cares about other important things in the world. He doesn’t want other people to think he only cares about himself and he doesn’t want to make people feel bad about themselves. The truth is he DOESNT only care about himself. I really appreciate what he’s wearing.

  • dashareed14

    I am so happy for him. You go Justin. Luv you! ♡