Justin Bieber ‘Champ Of Charity’ at Young Hollywood Awards -PICS VIDEO

Justin Bieber Winning at the Young Hollywood Awards 2014

Justin Bieber picked up the Champ Of Charity trophy at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards at The Wiltern in Los Angeles (July27).


Justin won the trophy in recognition of his five years of outstanding work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

A Wish recipient Grace Kesablak presented Justin Bieber witha special trophy

Justin worked the crowd into a cheering roar as he hugged his very special presenter, Make A Wish recipient Grace Kesablak.

Justin Bieber arrived at The Wiltern in Los Angeles

Backstage: Justin didn’t dress up but preferred to stay casual in a grey zippered sweat shirt over a white shirt, faded jeans and white trainers. He wore minimal bling, just a thick chain necklace under his shirts and his signature stud earrings.

Cody Simpson congrats Justin Bieber on stage

Justin got a friendly congratulations from fellow pop singer Cody Simpson onstage, and the guys seemed like old friends as they posed for pictures backstage.


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