Justin Bieber Cleared in New Jersey’s Flight Investigation

Justin Bieber Free Teterboro marijuana

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed that it has closed its investigation into what went down on Justin Bieber’s private jet when he, his father Jeremy Bieber and his friends were flying to New Jersey for Super Bowl festivities earlier this year (February 2014).

Justin and his group were briefly detained at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and later CNN reported that an investigation was ongoing into whether the passengers mistreated the flight crew and were smoking so much marijuana that the pilots needed oxygen masks. Authorities had searched the plane for drugs but came up empty.

On July 3rd, FAA spokesperson has confirmed that the investigation has been dropped. A statement from the organization reads:

The Faa closed its investigation into allegations that passengers interfered with the flight crew on a Gulfstream G-Iv aircraft that landed at Teterboro Airport on Friday, Jan. 31, 2014.

The FAA found no evidence that the passengers violated Federal Aviation Regulations.

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