Justin Bieber Cliff Diving in Malibu Creek -VIDEO


Justin posted a video of him attempting to somersault from a huge rock on Instagram.

The trick doesn’t seem to go to plan as he lands a bit awkward with a loud bang that even frightens onlookers.

Watch video below:

Justin immediately deleted the video on Instagram.

  • keke moye

    Omg I want to do thy so bad

  • Belieber

    In the beggining right when he was turning I felt like something was gonna go wrong, but im glad he’s safe. That looks fun to do btw.

    • Beliber 4 Eva

      Yeh I thought tht he wasn’t paying attention and frieked out and hit one if those bolder things and broke something

      • Belieber

        Me too

  • Birk

    Justin is getting into these extreme sports without being trained properly I assume.. Things like this are called extreme sports for a reason, and those who do it have trained for a long time. Then again young guys naturally do crazy dangerous things for the thrill of it all the time.

  • keke moye

    Omg is he ok


    Justin ! Don’t take a risk !

  • Lailani

    Justin is just Amazing and just so hot

  • Hannah Cortez

    Im glad he didnt get hurt. That can be pretty dangerous.

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Yeh but I was just in me pool and I dived in the wrong way and not only did I almost drown but I hit the water so hard tht I felt staining like I was slapped all over

  • ivan

    Hope he never tries that again; imagine if he hits a rock; it would be over. Never do it unless you know it’s completely safe.

  • lambor500S

    Being adventurous is cool which means you will never be bored and yoi are game to do whatevet whenever. The best way to be.

    Much love!

    • lambor500S

      Sorry, for the misspell words
      like yoi I meant you and
      whatevet I meant whatever.