Justin Bieber Gets Intimate With Yovanna Ventura -Cuddling PIC

Justin Bieber Yovanna Ventura intimate

Justin Bieber cuddles with Yovanna Ventura in a new picture he shared on Tuesday night.

The photo, posted without a caption to his Shots page, shows the pair lounging on a couch.

Justin is sitting almost on top of Yovanna, who has her arms around him and underneath his shirt.

Many fans immediately noticed that their poses bore a striking resemblance to a photo Justin once took with Selena Gomez.

yovanna ventura justin bieber cuddle
Yovanna, an 18-year-old model, posted her own snapshot featuring Justin, writing, “Sweetest guy ever @justinbieber.”

They were also in the studio together on Monday.

The pair previously sparked rumors of a possible romance when they hung out in early May.

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