Justin Bieber Enjoying Cold Beer – Shirtless on Yacht!

Justin Bieber Goes Yachting With Friends In Miami

Justin Bieber is getting a kick start to his Fourth of July weekend, giving us a peek at his shirtless body while hanging out with friends on a yacht on Thursday (July 3) in Miami, Florida.

Justin Bieber Goes Yachting With Friends In Miami

He soaked up some sun on the front of the yacht with a friend while enjoying an ice cold beer. Rumor has it Justin may be looking to date Chantel Jeffries again, despite his relationship with Selena Gomez.

Chantel recently posted a status on Twitter that she was headed to the South Florida city!

“People are going to say what they want about u. It happens. Sometimes u lose your cool. But be kind. Know your heart :) thanks,” Justin tweeted.

  • BelieberIsForever <3

    Happy 4th of July Justin, I love you <3

  • Lailani

    I wish Selena was with Justin.

    • Me.

      Pleas stop with always saying that he should go back with Selena he can also date other girls who can make him happy cause the only thing he and Selena do is going back together and BAM after a week or 2 thay are off again that’s just unhealty they only hurt eachother…

      • Lailani

        How the Freak would you know that idiot. Uh hello they love each other. They do have history.

      • Mrs Ariana Bieber

        I know who knows if they were together or even broke up know one knows except them!!

      • Belieber 4 Eva

        Yeh we should all start this thing where we don’t constantly deny when two people love each other it’s not their deduction whether Selena is he right person for justin it’s his and seems like he is he right person so stop being haters not u lailani I’m behind u

      • Heather

        I’m waiting for the day Justin has a new steady girlfriend then stupid girls like Lailani and Kalani can shut up and obssessing over Jelena who’s relationship is fake!

      • #1belieber

        I agree…..

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        Thank you at least somebody understands ;) I have an applause for you :) By the way I’m Rebecca and how long have you been a Belieber ?

        You and I are Belieber sisters 4lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

      • Kiki Charleus

        Why do you Beliebers hate Selena so much? And don’t tell me its because she broke Justin’s heart, because deep down inside we know Justin had to do with something that ended their relationship.

      • Belieber 4 Eva

        Exactly and plus Selena was the one lthat had her heart broken she regretting breaking up with him but there’s nothing wrong with her it’s obvi that they r meant for each other so get over it

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        Because it’s my opinion, Selena is annoying and besides its not like all the beliebers are gonna like Jelena so GET OVER IT!!!!! UGH!!!!!

      • Immature much…

        You sound like an immature angry four year old, and hating someone because they are “annoying” is shallow. I never said that all Beliebers should like Jelena, I just asked why you hate her. Your answer was shallow. I hope your not a shallow person. :'(

      • rebecca bieber

        Won’t you an immature famewhore SLUT… GO get a life you loser jelena fan, I hate it when selena hurts Justin. YOUR the shallow one cause you think being annoying is SHALLOW?????? Please go get a dictionary and define the word ANNOYING with the word shallow in it YOU STUPID UGLY FAT BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Just leave @BelieberIsForever ALONE!!!!!!! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS LOW LIFE FAME BUTTWHORE

      • rebecca bieber

        Everyone got different opinions so you have no rights to call people a their four year old or annoying and shallow because they can like or NOT like whoever they want

      • rebecca bieber

        And your NOT the boss of this world or Jelena….. DUHHHHH!!!!!!!!

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        And I never responded anything to you so leave me alone.

      • rachel greenberg

        shut up kik and shut ur mouth!

      • wow

        “shut up kik and shut ur mouth!” Do you see wants wrong with this sentence? I would tell you, but you need to open and read a book. I understand if my question is too hard for you to answer, since you can’t even write a simple sentence. Oh, and by the way, the name’s Kiki not kik, looks like you can’t read either.

      • Belieber 4 Eva

        R serious ur right Justin will get a steady gf but hel realize tht it’s not right for him and on and off ships r not always the best but in this case it shows that justin and Selena love each other so much that they constantly keep getting back together Jelena till the end and we obsess we are concerned thnk u

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Right they would look so happy on tht yacht and have more fun on the kick start of their relationship

  • Shantelle Perez

    Cool, happy 4 of July!

  • illegaluntil21

    Why is he drinking? He’s not allowed to do that.

    • Lailani

      What are you the police that’s going to arrest him for drinking. Give me a break

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        Because 21 is illegal drinking you IDIOT

      • Darius

        its illegal to drink if you are not 21

  • Belieber

    Glad to see he is having fun! And yes, I do hope he dates Chantell. I ship them. Anyways, happy 4th of July! =)

    • Kiki Charleus

      Chantell’s a hoe. She fake as hell too.

      • Belieber 4 Eva

        THANK U!!!!!! I need to got break something my hands are itching to attack like crazy

      • #stopthesehoes2014

        you got to stop them. Lol.

      • Belieber 4 Eva


    • Belieber 4 Eva

      What the #%*^ girrrrl get out of here no Chantelle I’m sock I hearing her name ahhhh some people get me soooo hype

    • justin is bae

      wow u ship him and chantel U GOT SOME PROLLEMS #prayforhumanity

      • LaLlorona

        I find it funny how everyone is just going on and on about Justin’s relationships with these girls and doesn’t even bother to say anything about him being 20 and having an ice cold beer in his hand. You people crack me up.

  • Lailani

    Eww, they so don’t mash well Together. Jelena are good together.

  • Courtney Bieber

    His muscles thou

  • Hannah Cortez

    Thats nice. Happy 4th of july justin and beliebers :)

    • Belieber 4 Eva


  • Lailani

    Justin and Selena are so meant for each other. They are so cute together.

  • BellBieber

    Happy 4th of July!
    Hope you had a great time :)

  • Lailani

    The tabloids makeup shit. All they do is lie and makeup Rumors. Nothing they say is true. All BS. Rumors lies

  • Jaime Gilbert

    Happy fourth July Justin bieber and belieblers

    • BelieberIsForever <3

      Thank you you too :)

  • ivan

    If he spits on the ground, the media reports it. So what if he had a beer. Millions of young guys do the same thing. Maybe it was ginger ale which looks like beer, who knows?

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Uh ur right but even though they were talking a little about beer they weren’t mentioning him u no abusing it they said enjoying so we’re being cheerful

  • Nicki

    Have fun! Luv you!

  • Birk

    Where is the story on Khali threatening to “shoot” Beliebers when he was with Justin coming out of that nightclub a few days ago that is every where else but here?

  • Birk

    That incident was in Miami a few days ago when Khali threatened either Beliebers or someone else while with Justin.

  • Liliana Galvis

    Cute man, i love u so much Justin belieber for life

  • Kayleen

    If I was there I would slap his ass and tell him to pull up his pants before it happens again lol