Justin Bieber Looks Happy – Pays Visit to Probation Dept. in Egging-Case


Justin Bieber looked happy after walking out of court in Santa Monica following his egg-throwing conviction on Friday, July 25th.

He was convicted of the crime and is said to be discussing the terms of his sentence, but he didn’t look very worried as he strolled past photographers towards a waiting car.


Justin was wearing a loose white t-shirt with his sleeve tattoos on show and grey jogging bottoms with a cream baseball cap pushed to the side.

According to TMZ, the star spent an hour inside the court room after going over the requirements of his two years probation with his lawyer.

He has been ordered to complete anger management classes and five days of community service, as well as being told not to break any laws.

  • Lila Martin

    I still don’t understand how an egg can cause 80k worth of a damage

    • Belieber

      Supposently it was around 6 eggs trowned, but honestly I don’t get how it could cause 80k for the damage. It was like nothing. You could of easily grabbed a towel and clean it up. But thousands of dollars is rediculous.

      • Hannah Cortez

        They just want Justin’s money

      • Belieber

        Yea i know. Its stupid of all the things he has to do to pay towards a freakin egg trow.


    Justin Bieber looks happy because he’s innocent !

  • Hannah Cortez

    I wonder what he was happy about. But I still can’t get to the fact How eggs can cost 80 k in damage

    • aleena


    • Birk

      Maybe he gets to do his community service with sick kids? Or another charity that he likes..

  • aleena

    and by the way it was a prank,we all know that Justin’s a cute prankster and he knew that eggs wouldn’t cause any damage…bcuz if he really wanted to cause damage than he would’ve thrown something hard like stones…

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Yeh like it wanst a crime

      Well not on Justin’s part

  • Belieber 4 Eva

    I feel bad for him because he has to spend five days doing community service like hey mom Thts Justin bieber and ur mom already hates him for no reason and them she sees ur idol doing community service like poking trash around for committing a “crime”

    • belieberforever

      Your right. But it wasnt even a big crime and no matter what people think we will always support him.

      • Belieber

        True, no matter what we’ll always support him <3

  • gardener 57

    Whatever chemicals are in eggs leaves a dark stain on anything

  • Birk

    Justin plead no contest and was sentenced like he did plead guilty.. But technically he did not plead guilty. He was convicted on a no contest plea not a guilty or innocent plea. Big difference. Let’s hope and pray that Justin takes this very seriously and stops the partying and that also means going to nightclubs for the next two years. One slip up and that is all it will take for Justin to go to jail!

  • Lailani

    TMZ are the dumbest people ever. There so freaking clueless. Dumb FCKS.

  • lambor500S

    Love the baggy pants cool! You are doing good handle your business so you can put all these cases behind you. As fast as these years are going by these misdemeanor cases will be over and done with before you know it. Don’t forget no repeats!
    Much love!

  • rani bieber

    ohhh myyy gosh justin bieber was sooo amazing and sexsy and adorable and there is no one in the world love him like meeeee

  • rani bieber

    i love justin bieber more than every girl in the world and mor than selena and his fans

  • rani bieber

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  • rani bieber

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  • rani bieber

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  • rani bieber

    come to algeria justin bieber

  • rani bieber

    i love justin bieber always and fever

  • rani bieber

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  • bizzletunesjb

    Justin has fell so many time, but he has picked himself very single time and people keep telling me oh ‘idol defines that u want to be like that person and do u really wanna be like him’ well actually first of all ‘him’ is called justin and second yes i do want to be like him because every time he does someting wrong he picks himself up and he makes the problem right, he has been so strong and im gld he has a msile on his face at hard times just shows that he can be strong and that he is not gonna let anyone affect them even if justin knows that it did affect him… JUSTIN BIEBER IS MY IDOL AND U CANT CHANGE THAT, love you so much justin…. <3

    • #1belieber

      Agree 100% Love ya girly!

  • dashareed14

    We’ll always be jere for you justin. Luv you! ā˜†