Justin Bieber & Personal Trainer Patrick Nilsson ‘Stay Fit’


Justin Bieber at the gym – transforming his naturally skinny frame into a specimen of muscular strength.

Justin was clearly proud of all his hard work as he posted a self-congratulatory snap to Instagram of one of his workouts at a fitness center.

Justin performs a leg lift while positioned on a dip bar with the caption: “#ogr what a solid core . Lol #stayfit #dontbescared @thepatricknilsson”.

The tag @thepatricknilsson was for his personal trainer Patrick Nilsson.

In the picture, Justin wears neon green high top trainers, a baggy pair of shorts, and a tight-fitting tank top.

Justin Bieber Patrick Nilsson

Justin Bieber and his personal trainer, Patrick Nilsson (2013)

Meanwhile, Patrick recently opened up about Justin’s transformation. He told In Touch mag:

I can’t keep him out of the gym.

There are periods where he wants to work out seven days a week.

I’d been training with him for a while, but it wasn’t until last November that he was really pushing to get bigger and got motivated to work out harder.

He said to me one day, “Man, I never want to be skinny again.”

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