Justin Bieber Shirtless Wearing a Weed-Printed Hat


Justin Bieber wearing a marijuana leaf print hat as he arrived home to his Beverly Hills condo.


Shirtless! Justin Bieber went for a shirtless stroll around his Beverly Hills home.

  • omycbjb

    It’s a month he has that hat lol #weed4ever Ahahaha

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Ok ummm I no Justin has had a few past encounters with drugs but I DNT think tht this is the best empress ion tht u should be showing him yeh fine u wanna donut but I have to give u the cold hard facts it’s bad for u and can kill u and it surprises me tht u would take this pic tht far anyway so yeah…

  • lovethebiebzzz

    So what it’s cute on his head ;)

  • Me.

    So what he can wear a hat if he likes it -_-

  • Sophia

    His hat wasn’t suppose to be an issue to start with. Beliebers themselves made it an issue.

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Woh woh woh beleibers didn’t make this while weed thing a problem the entire social media did and it started with TMZ the show tht makes every single celeb look bad they brought it up and we reacted like good fans should we said tht it was a bad thing and guess what with a little hell
      Form friends he stopped no on said anything about an issue on this website but u had to bring it up

      • Sophia

        Smoking weed is a problem and it doesn’t matter if beliebers or the media started this issue because it is still wrong. Then again, that wasn’t my point. But then what can I expect from a no-brainer belieber.

        Honestly, if you look at this picture without the captions and title, you wouldn’t even notice that he’s wearing a marijuana bucket hat. But because this article pointed it out, it appears to be an issue. And most importantly, beliebers themselves pointed it out and made it seem like there’s a negative meaning behind it. I didn’t mention anything about him smoking weed, you did. Seems like you’re the one who can’t move on. Or just simply dumb because I was clearly not talking about that.

        For your information, TMZ didn’t make an article about Bieber wearing a marijuana bucket hat. This site (managed by beliebers) did.

      • Birk

        Don’t you have something better to do than to troll on here? I don’t know like now you can go crawl back under your rock where you came from. Crawl… Slither.. Whatever.

      • Belieber 4 Eva

        I’m not in for ur shit bitch

  • Amalia

    How about this.Lol

  • Katia

    So what it’s a cute hat on he’s head stop bothering him TMZ

    • Sophia

      Hahaha lol. Go look at TMZ, they didn’t make an article about Bieber wearing a marijuana bucket hat. This fansite did. Beliebers themselves pointed it out, making it seem like there’s a negative meaning behind it. Stop blaming TMZ for all the issues made about your life, Justin Bieber.

  • BellBieber

    OMB! I want that hat XD and he looks hot in it B)

  • xoaraxx

    It’s just a hat

  • Belieber

    But honestly, that hat looks good on him tho

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Yeh and like he didn’t show anything about u no smoking it like he just wore it cause he felt like it

  • Hannah Cortez

    I call it a bucket hat lol. He really loves that hat doesnt he ?

  • Azaria Paris Magee

    Are people making a big deal out of this? I say as long as he stays away from the hard drugs like cocaine, meth, etc. then what’s the big deal? As long as he’s a professional when it comes time to go on stage, tv shows, etc. and doesn’t smoke before then it’s not a big deal. He’s just gotta stay away from the other stuff. He is at the age where a lot of people experiment though, so he is gonna do that. Some people get hooked, but not everyone does. So calm down, things could be a lot worse.

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Thk u girl preach it’s nice to no tht not all people obsess over crap like this like it’s not a big deal like if one day justin walks around with … Two guys kissing on his shirt tht doesn’t mean he’s bi everyone makes us ha big deal out of nothing and it’s sickening sometimes

      • Azaria Paris Magee

        Did I miss something, cos I don’t remember him wearing a shirt with two guys on it. O.o Oh, and I’m a boy not a girl.

      • Belieber 4 Eva

        No I was making an example and sorry I called u a girl I didn’t no

      • Belieber 4 Eva

        Like I said if justin walks around with tht shirt everyone will make a big deal I was making an example to help u see it better

    • Sophia

      People being beliebers themselves. The people managing this fansite, beliebers, made it an issue and made it seem like there’s a negative meaning behind Bieber wearing a marijuana bucket hat.

      • Belieber 4 Eva

        FYI no one made it an issu it was like a joke or info on wat he was wearing his fashionable choices ok so…

  • Angelica

    The hat looks nice on him and the hat is cute, but some of us would love to see his face again.

  • MacGuru17

    Lol, he’s been wearing that hat for a while now; it’s been in a lot of his Instagram and Shots selfies.

  • lambor500S

    Cool hat blends well with the black calvins. Oh Yeah!

  • ivan

    Justin get’s criticized no matter what he does in the media so might might as well wear a weed hat; at least he does not smoke in public as other celebrities do. Nor does he encourage it. One Direction guys smoke more than him and the media does not care anyway.

  • Birk

    I like that hat and want one for myself! Justin sure does like that style of hats.

  • me

    yah whats the big deal that hats really cute

  • http://www.twitter.com/Lizzy__Bieber kiddyrhaul

    Justin is really sexy in that picture! <3

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Duo I’m trying I follow u back

  • nicki

    I like that hat.