Justin Bieber at beverly center mall in LA8

Justin Bieber Shopping at Beverly Center Mall -CA

Justin Bieber at beverly center mall in LA3

Justin Bieber looked all business as he chatted on his phone as he left the Beverly Center mall with his best buddy Khalil and some bodyguards.

Justin Bieber at beverly center mall in LA2

Justin was looking had hardly dressed up for his shopping mall fishing expedition. He looked like he had just come straight from the skate park in a white T-shirt, gigantic shorts, lurid green trainers and a baseball cap.

Justin Bieber at beverly center mall in LA8

77 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Shopping at Beverly Center Mall -CA

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  2. Belieber

    He went to the mall the same time I went to the mall which was Yesterday. I wonder who he is talkin to

  3. MacGuru17

    To be perfectly honest, his body guards terrify me; not so much in a ‘I’m here to protect Justin’ way, but more so in a ‘I’m going to hurt you, badly’ kind of way. 0.o

    1. Belieber

      I know exactly what you’re saying! They look like you can do one thing wrong or something and they will beat you up or hurt you. I miss Kenny when he used to be Justin’s bodyguard tbh because he wasn’t the terrifying looking guy, just an average bodyguard who was nice and didn’t want to get into fights or anything. But these guys looking tough and mean to you.

  4. Birk

    I hope Justin was on his phone with his lawyers and listening to them just how serious trouble he could be in.. One more loud party and he could be behind bars for breach of probation.. Khali on the other hand probably is planning another party at Justin’s.. It’s these hanger ons and so called “friends like Khali, Lil Za who will end up getting Justin behind bars soon if he doesn’t cut them loose soon!
    Then how will these people support themselves if Justin is in jail and not paying their way???


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