Justin Bieber takes Yovanna Ventura to get Fast Food in Custom Painted Audi R8 – VIDEO


Justin Bieber took his new girl-friend Yovanna Ventura to pick up some fast food Chick-fil-A in his custom leopard print car on Wednesday.


Justin & Yovanna had not been seen together since early May, when they enjoyed a daytime outing in Venice Beach, they seem to be getting close again. The pair also seen exiting the Il Pastaio restaurant in Los Angeles the previous day.


Watch video: Justin takes Yovanna in custom painted Audi.

  • aleena

    i dont know y but im starting to h8 that girl!

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Why he seems nice


    Selena Gomez’s more cute than Yovanna !

    • Justin + Yovanna Forever

      Agreed :)

      • Lailani

        And you think that Thot loves Justin. Yeah okay.

      • Justin + Yovanna Forever

        And YOU think Selena has the right to hurt Justin, yeah okay.

        No wonder why you don’t get it????

      • Justin + Yovanna Forever

        You sure can’t spell can you? GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!

    • Justin + Yovanna Forever

      Sorry DON”T agree ;) I HATE THAT UGLY SELENA, why are you so obessed with a girl who hurt and break Justin’s heart. Yovanna will never do that. LEAVE THEM ALONE, if you were a Belieber you would support Justin no matter what he does. So your FAKE Belieber now, bye bye.


        Never Say Never !

        I always support Justin Bieber,and in case of Justin & Selena I just expresed my opinion that Selena’s more cute than Yovanna .

    • Malinda

      Besides for my opinion the way how Selena Gomez dresses is like she trying so hard to sorta look good for him in a way is alright to dress in but idk I think Selena is just trying too hard just Because she pretty/ Latino and she knows JB like Latino girls which is wrong he doesn’t just like spanish girls so that is why im so sick of her.

    • Lailani

      I have to agree. Selena is way hotter then those Thots


    I hate this bitch

    • Justin + Yovanna Forever

      SHUT YOUR MOUTH >:( I love them together you IDIOT. Your just mad because Jelena is OVER. Well to bed now Yovanna is in the game now and Justin is more happier with her now. Selena is an annoying punk. I’m glad slutena is away from Justin, Hate me all you want for what I just said cause I don’t give a crap about YOU.

      • Lailani

        Really and you think that Thot loves Justin.

      • Belieber

        Stop calling her a thot!

      • Justin + Yovanna Forever

        Thank you for sticking up for me ;) Love ya girly, don’t listen to Lailani she’s too much if an immature to talk to, she just like to call people names just because they have DIFFERENT opinions, no wonder why she doesn’t clearly understand what cyberbullying is? I don’t feel sorry for her.

      • aya hattab

        YEAH stop bullying i think your a fat ugly fake belieber come here just to give people namess so stop and don’t you dare call yourself a belieber bitch the girl did nothing to you she just gived her opinions i will cut you if you say one more thing abt belieber girls bye bye bitch

      • Becca Bieber The Belieber

        Thank you at least somebody understands I love you sis ;)

      • Becca Bieber The Belieber

        Thanks for sticking up for me ;)

      • Lailani

        Clearly your Demented and stupid

      • Justin + Yovanna Forever

        YOUR demented and stupid, your the one who comes on here and say ” Oh Jelena looks so adorable together” every single darn time, LOOK YOU LITTLE LOSER, nobody cares what you think I don’t give a crap about you, go ahead and keep on obessing over selena, I just don’t understand why your so obessed with a girl who smokes weed and hooks up a guy everytime when Justin around with another girl, so yeah YOUR THE REAL DEMENTED & STUPID, bye bye now, I don’t give a CRAP ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, You always sit at a computer calling people names because they have different opinions, no wonder why your parents raised a 5 year old fat pig like you.

      • Justin + Yovanna Forever

        You gonna cry now for what I just said below the comment I wrote? Yeah go ahead cry baby boo hoo, it’s not like it’s the worse thing I ever said to you.

      • rebecca bieber

        If you don’t believe me that selena smokes weed, Well I never told you had too, go ahead and look selena up on spring breakers she was smoking weed on there and she had a cigarette in her mouth, you think Justin would date a girl who smokes and dresses like a bikini and goes on an interview and tells everyone ” Oh I made Justin Bieber Cry ” ? NO! he wouldn’t no wonder why an ugly freak like you and selena would understand what a relationship means or is, So shut up already and leave Justin alone he can date Yovanna if he wants you little FAT COW. I feel so sorry for you being irrogant and rude to people you sure can’t handle other people situations can you, no wonder why you became a Belieber, Beliebers don’t mean to each other, well your the one who’s calling everyone names just because they have different opinions. SO SHUT UP YOU LITTLE IRROGANT IMMATURE SELFISH BRAT, no wonder why a bully like you is still on here, sorry honey but you ARE FAKE belieber. Bye bye now

        And leave @Justin + Yovanna alone, she has done nothing to you and all she was doing was expressing her own opinion about Justin and Yovanna, she didn’t come on here to call you names. No wonder why your still a brat.

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        Wow, you must be so nice to people?

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        No wonder why YOUR parents raised you like this?

    • Ammie

      Yeah she right I mean is more better off then hearing Selena Gomez all the time if Selena wasn’t in a relationship with JB we wouldn’t be hearing her all the time maybe just her songs and her tv show on Disney Channel but that don’t show anymore Because Selena is big to be on Disney so she a grown up now in a young age that what mean.

    • Team Jovanna

      Really now? you need to wake up and realize that Selena has been using Justin all this time, did you have short term memory and forget that Selena cheated on Justin with Alfredo and Josh Hutchison?. Apparently you did. I would suggest you to read up on ExposingSMG. Yea i know Justin isn’t perfect either, but still quit acting like Selena is the only woman to exist on this earth. Justin is a 20 year old and has alot of life to live. He decided Selena isn’t for him and maybe he finally woke up and realize that Selena is just using him and shades him every moment she gets on instagram!. I am glad Selena is out of the picture for good! If Yovanna ends up being his serious girlfriend after “dating” for awhile then he deserves all the happyness in the world. MOVE ON!

      • Birk

        I read ExposingSMG on Tumblr as well.. I don’t know why Justin is still friends with Alfredo especially if he was sleeping with Selena on the side, while pretending to be Justin’s friend at the same time. A lot of scandalous stories about Selena on that blog.

      • Justin + Yovanna Forever


    • Lailani

      Jelena Forever and always.

  • Jenny

    That car got every body look’n at it.

  • Nicki

    They date? Awww! Have fun!

  • Hannah Cortez

    Haha that car has everybody staring. I hope they are dating. I ship them <3

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Yeh I would like to see them together

  • Lailani

    That’s all those girls are is Thots.

  • Belieber

    Hope they had great time :)

  • Iane

    I wanna know more about Yovanna. Can somebody tell me something about her?

  • mahya

    wow nice