Justin Bieber Teases 11 New Songs in New Album


Justin Bieber teases an album’s worth of new music on his Instagram. He took to the social media app and released 15-second clips of 11 new songs that he’s been working on, and fans are freaking out.

Justin didn’t offer any other information behind the music yet, and most of them don’t even have a song title.

He just recorded the image of a studio soundboard as he moves the camera along to the beat of the song playing in the background. The only tidbit Justin shared concerning any upcoming project was a tweet that read, “Great night in the studio.”

Listen the clips of 11 songs below. Even though they’re each only 15-seconds, it’s already pretty clear that Justin’s next album is going to be fire.


    I wait impatiently of all album !

  • Jazmyn Beadle

    HOLY SHIT!! This album is my jam, its gonna be a hit…. i can already tell

  • lovethebiebzzz

    The new album is gonna be a blast!!!!

    • me

      i know its gonna be awesome.. but the second to last one says hes moving on.. hopefully he didnt write it fore selena .. cuz if Jelena is done ill cry..

      • lovethebiebzzz

        yeah but i do think it’s for selena :/
        i feel like it’s for selena or it’s just that he’s telling us that he’s not 16 anymore?? i really don’t know

      • Hannah Cortez

        Probably that’s What he means. That he’s growing up

  • Lila Martin

    It going to be awesome no doubt, just like his other albums as usual, and how could he tease is like that

  • Hannah Cortez

    I danced to mostly all of them. Lol his new album is going to be dope. He might gain more fans like that Bcuzz he has a new style

  • Beliebers Hate Lailani

    AHHHHHHH i can’t wait :) keep it up Justin <3 Love you

  • Beliebers Hate Lailani


  • Laney Sodoma

    I’m so excited!!! That last video one I have to say is like my fav!!! Ahhhh I can’t wait!!!

    • #1belieber

      That’s MY fave too!!!

  • Belieber

    They songs are really good! Excited for the album

  • Biebs

    .-. I wanna smack in so bad >_< stop teasing us Justin.

    • Biebs


  • mrs.bieber

    this songs are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

  • Birk

    I like the faster paced songs, slow paced songs are not my favorite though.. I like some ballads but not that many. One of those songs sounds like it has the same hook as “Hold on Tight”. My favorite is the one with the verse “living in the moment”. That is the kind of fast paced songs I like that Justin does.

  • Azaria Paris Magee

    I was surprised no one pointed out that he hinted at smoking weed and saying “shit” in one of them. This is far better than what Journals sounded like though, I’m pretty excited for this!


    second song iss awesomeeee///YEAH???????????