Justin Bieber tells Woman: ‘Look What Happens In My Life’ Following Bodyguard Scuffle -VIDEO


Justin Bieber tried to keep himself and his bodyguards out of trouble when a photographer got too close for his guard’s liking.

Justin was trying to get to his yacht to enjoy an Independence Day party on the way when the paparazzi showed up looking to get a photograph. When one of the photographers got too close to Justin’s limo SUV, a huge bodyguard roughly for-armed him to the side.

As things got heated between the bodyguards and the photographers, Justin rolled down his window and called over someone taking a video of the whole thing (watch it below).

He tells to the woman filming:

I just want you to know. This is so ridiculous. I just want to tell the people out there, look what happens – look what happens in my life. All I asked was for them to move over 10 feet so I can get onto the boat.

Justin has reason to worry: he and his bodyguards were sued for an alleged attack in Miami, where a photographer claims JB’s guards surrounded him in a Subway restaurant and on his orders allegedly forced him to erase a memory card on his camera, then struck him.

Another one was charged with felony robbery for stealing a photographer’s camera in Atlanta, and Justin was subpoenaed for another case where his guards roughed up a photographer by grabbing his neck and choking him against a wall.

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