Justin Bieber Risks Probation Violation After Cops CALLED 6 Times over Weekend Party Complaints, report says


Police were reportedly called to Justin Bieber’s home in Beverly Hills, California on six separate occasions over the weekend amid noise complaints and other disturbances.

According to TMZ, local authorities received four individual calls from disgruntled neighbors concerning loud music and partying on the roof top of Justin’s new luxury apartment on Saturday night (July19) and in the early hours of Sunday morning (July20), but Justin was not cited for the visits as he promised to keep the noise down each time officers turned up on his doorstep.

Police also had to return to the neighbourhood to investigate two other incidents, involving complaints about fans and paparazzi.

If the Beverly Hills police department cites Justin and alerts the LA County Probation Department, Bieber could be slapped with a probation violation, which means he could face jail time.

Last month (June14)- Cops were also called to investigate other noise complaints from angry neighbours, when Justin reportedly hosted a party with guests including boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, Jr., rapper Tyga, singer/actor Tyrese and American football star Johnny Manziel.

  • Angz

    I see hes having fun xD

  • Belieber

    Gosh Justin. I know he is having fun but 6 times is a lot for the police to come by your house for complaints. I wish he would just live in the middle of 2 acres or something to stay away from neighbors so there wouldn’t be complaints.

    • Belieber

      I wish he would not risk his probation and do this stuff

    • Vicki

      It was only 4 times for the noise level they other two times were for the paps and fans. The first call was at 8:30pm I agree he should tone down the parties, but I also think that these stories are blown way out if proportion, the main source of the story is from TMZ enough said !

      • Belieber

        I understand but the cops were called to his house at 1am and 3am. He probably has neighbors that go to work early the next day and needs to sleep. They can’t get to sleep because of all the noice. I don’t get why he even moved to a condo. It’s more loud having a party where everyone can hear you. No wonder why they call the police. I just wish he would not risk it and party & be loud like this all the time. He’ll get himself into trouble if it keeps on happening.

  • ivan

    As much as we may support Justin, he has to learn somehow he can’t continue throwing parties among hostile neighbors especially under probabation. If they raid his home and find drug use or alcohol use by minors-one of the Magcon kids was there-it could mean jail.

    I love the guy but he can be stupid sometimes.

    • Hannah Cortez

      Which of the magcon boys were there ??

      • ivan

        Matthew Espinosa was there the other day and before that two others at another party.

      • Hannah Cortez

        R u serious ?? He was at Justin’s party!! OMG Matthew is my bae!!!!!

      • Hannah Cortez

        And I know Nash and Carter was with him to

  • quinn

    And so it begins again. I see he still has yet to learn his lesson…. I love Justin but I really don’t think he’s gonna “get it” until he gets jail time. He seems to just think he can get away with anything…. So sad to see him like this, he used to be so humble about fame, now he’s just like everyone else. I really thought he’d be different, to be honest…

  • Beliebers Hate Lailani

    Can they just leave our boy alone :(

    • quinn

      lol at your user name. i feel bad for his neighbors tho, i live near some rowdy college kids….its not pleasant.

      • Beliebers Hate Lailani

        Thank you for liking my username :)

  • Justin Lover

    These ppl probably need to move if they complain bout every day thing he’s just having some fun

  • Lailani

    WTF, don’t you think it’s all lies and BS.


      No I think it isn’t becuz the radiuo was just talking about this morning from where I live and they sounded pretty serious and I mean like who would START a RUMOR like this other then TMZ or the “paps”

  • me

    omg he has to be more careful what if he gets sent to jail? thatd suck .. i wish he would just take a break from all his partying in his house and do it somewhere else…

  • Hannah Cortez

    Not again. Justin please behave !!!!!!!

  • ivan

    Imagine you have Justin’s money, a net worth of between 150 to 200 million; you would think you could do whatever you want and no one can say no. That may be the case with Justin. As someone who thinks of him like a brother, I hope he realizes he could end up in jail if there are more complaints about parties there. He should arrange now to move out-he has neighbors that are haters; that is not good.

    • Georgia

      I have to say i am rather tired of people giving the boy excuses just because he is Justin Bieber. Oh no, he’s invincible! haters must leave him alone!. Like really?. Why are people automatic haters just because they complain about loud noises ?. I don’t know what your life is like but there are people that have 9-5 jobs working M-F and the last thing they want to hear is loud partying by some obnoxious A-Hole that thinks the world needs to bow down to him just because he’s a celebrity. There are also people out there that work nights and i’m pretty sure it is hard to go to bed with some loud partying going on.

      The one thing i don’t understand is, why the HECK did he move to a condo where walls are usually paper thin that you can hear your neighbor talking on the phone ? he should have gotten a mansion somewhere in the middle of no where so he can do whatever he wants to his heart content. The fact that he moved into some condo and have loud parties shows me he has no regards to his neighbors. He is a conceited douchebag and i am tired of his behavior. I would love for someone to move next door to your and party so loudly that you can’t even go to bed and you have to wake up 4 in the morning to go to work.

      If justin wants respects he needs to earn it, not demand it and with his self righteousness attitude he gets NONE.

      BTW this is coming from a belieber at least I don’t make excuses for his behavior just because he is Justin Bieber. He needs to grow the effin’ up.

  • belieberforever

    Even if he didnt do anything wrong, some people wont stop until they see him in jail. But he has to be careful. I dont want him in jail. But his neighbours are assholes.

    • M

      Having enough of loud partying doesn’t make them assholes


    hes perf*.* and aint no one bringing him down

  • mohd1251

    I still don’t get it he didn’t learn his lesson yet I mean cops came to his home like 6 times isnt he concerned about how his fans feel.if he isn’t going to stop it then he could get into serious trouble.doesn’t he know what they do to people who look like him in jail.

    • Birk

      I think even most Beliebers are getting fed up with Justin who keeps getting himself into trouble, he isn’t listening to anyone!!! His lawyers, family, the friends who he has shunned who are trying to help him, and now his fans who are pulling their hair out because we are watching Justin do this to himself and can’t get through to him just how serious these probation conditions are and to stop putting himself in these kinds of situations.. I am losing hope Justin Bieber can keep himself out of trouble for the next two years and not breach his probation.. I hate to see him turn into another celebrity who can’t keep out of trouble like Chris Brown, Lindsay Lohan. This is just sad to watch Justin do this to himself..

      • mohd1251

        I know I myself am fed up of him he just doesn’t understand how beliebers ,his family,friend and people close to him feel.i think he just doesn’t understand.i hate seeing him in problems.i don’t mean this in any offensive way.but I am losing hope he is going to get out of trouble.i just tought he was out of his DUI trouble but he gets himself in a new one. I will still support him tough.

      • Birk

        I will support Justin no matter what even if he ends up in jail. But the thing is nobody is to blame but himself if that happens. He isn’t listening to anyone who is trying to help him, and it seems like Justin doesn’t care anymore what happens to himself .. I don’t know if Justin can leave California while under probation for the next two years, but if he can then it’s time to pack up and leave, nothing but bad influences and people who are dragging him down there. I hope this close call is what it takes, but if I keep seeing him in nightclubs and partying then I will know for sure that he doesn’t care anymore if he goes to jail or not or cares anymore about his career or fans who are shaking their heads at him wondering what the hell is wrong with him and why is he doing this to himself. You would think with his claustrophobia, the last place he wants to be is in jail with four walls surrounding him all the time! Just because his rapper friends have been in jail is no reason to want to be just like them!

      • KC

        I agree — Justin has already lost alot of fans. It is common for fans of pop culture to move onto something else, but he’s making his career go down the toilet alot more quicker with his behavior. Girls in my school no longer like him. Nobody in my school likes him, he has pretty much turned into a joke amongst peers.

        The gang wannabe life style is not helping his career much any. It is not appealing, it’s not attractive, he’s trying to be someone he is not. If he wants to change his music genre to rap, then fine, change to rap, but changing his whole image to a bad boy thug/gangsta bull crap is making him out to be a major douchebag. If he keeps this up, he will be an A LIST celebrity in a couple more years or by the time he’s 25.

      • Hannah Cortez

        I agree with u. I mean I love Justin but the way he’s acting is just going wayy out of hand. If he goes to jail again his career will be over for good.

  • Lyanne♥Miller

    I really thought he’d change he is really doing bad in his career he will losemany fans its like..WTH he didn’t learned from the last time since the day he was arrested people now talk bad about him and he expects doing bad things still will change their opinion ??!!! He said he will make changes in his life but look at him now this is no good for his career he needs to stop he used to be so saint he didnti do anything bad and now look at him many people consider him as a bad influence but it’s his fault he really needs to stop if he wants people to change their bad opinions about him in to positive he needs to start acting different maybe he doesn’t care but…fame really did took over his head this is why beliebers get judged and that’s why I always get judged but even though I’m still here and i will stay because i care ans i don’t know him but he is really an inspiration..imagine the little belieber girls, even my family just talks shit about him in front of me, and if he continues …well I don’t know is his decision but I hope he turns into the Justin he has always been, not the bad boy who smokes and goes to jail I say all this cause I really care for him

  • Lyanne♥Miller

    *belieber ……sorry


    Justin Bieber’s innocent ,just his enemies want destroy him !

  • MacGuru17

    Sigh… :/

    Should’ve moved to some place quiet and away from the people out to bring you down, Justin. I told you. Canada. Or Iceland. Perfect, quiet and cool places for you and your party-loving self.

    I just hope he realises how serious it would be if he were to violate his probation and get jail time. People won’t be so merciful if that happens, I feel. With good luck he will come to understand this and learn his lesson before actually having to ‘learn his lesson’.

    All the best to my favourite person, Justin. Nothing you do could ever make me leave you, but please, don’t let us down.

    • Birk

      Yeah… Exactly.. There are so many haters who are clapping their hands about this latest news and want to see Justin behind bars and his life and career destroyed.. It seems like he is doing exactly the opposite of what he said he would never do… That being giving his critics ammunition and satisfaction.. I read some comments from other sites and it was the same thing over and over again.. “It’s only been two weeks, and it looks like Justin Bieber won’t last that much longer and will soon be behind bars.. Hooray”.. Justin is on a one way road it seems to self destruction, if he doesn’t stop and stop right now!

  • Birk

    Justin!!! I think I speak for most Beliebers when I say that you could be in some serious trouble… Even having a party and the cops come and give you a ticket for disturbing the peace, or a noise violation ticket could breach your probation conditions and land you in jail!! Is having a party with those stupid idiot “friends” and hanger ons who are the ones egging you on to have a party in the first place worth going to jail for??

    With friends like that… Who needs enemies??? (These friends of his are going to be his downfall).

  • Belieber 4 Eva

    Justin u need to have fun in life ur a huge celeb but ur on probation u gotta calm down it’s like ur a
    Five year old and ur mom has a headache because I won’t stop causing trouble she puts u on timeout for 5 hrs!!!!!! And she says now if I DNT dial it down for a while ur going back on time out which I DNT want so have fun but do it while not getting in trouble

  • Belieber 4 Eva

    But really idk wat the problem is in queens where I used to live we use to have big barbecues in the summer with music blasting mad loud for hours into the night and sometimes
    They went in for days (Jamaicans) but no one had a prob with any of it nothing bothered anyone

    Ps I’m not Jamaican I’m Guyanese American