Justin Bieber Risks Probation Violation After Cops CALLED 6 Times over Weekend Party Complaints, report says


Police were reportedly called to Justin Bieber’s home in Beverly Hills, California on six separate occasions over the weekend amid noise complaints and other disturbances.

According to TMZ, local authorities received four individual calls from disgruntled neighbors concerning loud music and partying on the roof top of Justin’s new luxury apartment on Saturday night (July19) and in the early hours of Sunday morning (July20), but Justin was not cited for the visits as he promised to keep the noise down each time officers turned up on his doorstep.

Police also had to return to the neighbourhood to investigate two other incidents, involving complaints about fans and paparazzi.

If the Beverly Hills police department cites Justin and alerts the LA County Probation Department, Bieber could be slapped with a probation violation, which means he could face jail time.

Last month (June14)- Cops were also called to investigate other noise complaints from angry neighbours, when Justin reportedly hosted a party with guests including boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, Jr., rapper Tyga, singer/actor Tyrese and American football star Johnny Manziel.

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