Justin Bieber Wants ‘An Open Relationship’ with Selena Gomez, No Commitment -Rumors

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber doesn’t want to commit himself to Selena Goemz as he’d like to date other women as well, reports Hollywoodlife.

He has recently rekindled his romance with on/off girlfriend Selena Gomez, but he’s now decided he doesn’t want to commit himself to just her.

A source told the gossip site:

He wants an open relationship with Selena, and he actually thinks he can make it happen. A lot of the guys he hangs out with now get away with that kind of thing, they talk about it all the time and that’s got in Justin’s head.

Justin has been in an on/off relationship with Selena since 2010 – has been spotted with a string of girls recently, including Chantel Jeffries, who he took on vacation in February.

JELENA had a brief split in April amid rumors Selena was jealous of Justin’s friendship with reality TV star Kylie Jenner, but JB managed to win back Selena after showering her with gifts.

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  • Belall

    That’s not cool at all Justin, I hope it’s not true.

    • ivan

      Read my comment above.

  • ivan

    Hollywoodlife makes up stories about them all the time. Gossipcop says they are one of the worse. Don’t believe anything they say unless it’s confirmed by Selena, Justin, or NAMED reliable sources.

  • Lailani

    Lies and more Rumors. All BS and more rumors

  • Lailani

    Nothing they say is ever true. All BS. What’s next justin is reporting dating Yovanna Ventura.

  • Lailani

    Nothing is ever true. Hollywood is full of shit. All I hear is blah blah from those dumb ass.

  • Lailani

    Justin and Selena are so Adorable together.

  • Lailani

    I love commenting on here. They are very sweet to each other

  • Lailani

    What did Justin get engaged to chantel. The tabloids always makeup rumors and more lies

  • Lailani

    I love seeing them holding hands

  • Lailani

    I’m just so aww of jelena

  • Lailani

    Hope we get to see them together out again

  • Believe in life itself

    Guys are you really going to believe Hollywoodlife they don’t know stuff and they are fake they make up dumb stories that some of you guys are so dumb to believe in this crap and also no one knows what is really going on. We should focus on are life and not justin or other celebs life maybe one day justin might look back in his life and might regret on the stuff that he did let him just live his life first and have fun. we should all not focus on the drama and the negativity and just focus on what’s important and just support him and be their for him but not for everything he does wrong and i know everyone has an opinion and not always going to be there for him and agree on what he does. He should know better already but still needs a lot more time to grow up and act mature.

  • Believe in life itself

    And behave but also the media and the haters are not going to stop on picking on him and haters they are just mean and again have no life okay I’m done now.

  • RunToTheFinish

    Well I must say if this was true I wouldn’t be surprised. I hope it’s not but let’s be honest, Justin is 20 around a lot of different women, instead of him cheating , why not make it open for the both of them. It doesn’t make sense to me, just don’t be together and have your fun or be with JUST each other .. Case solved, can’t have your cake & eat it to, Idc who you are.

    • Belieber 4 Eva

      Right but it’s idk but I still completely agree with u

  • Hannah Cortez

    Well if he wants to stay with selena he needs to act more mature and maybe hang out with less girls. Idk if this is true or not but im just saying

  • Believe in life it’a :-)

    I know i said i was done but i forgot to mention that it is not of are business to be all up on their relationship on who should justin be with or who should he did date same goes for selena on what she does we know or what they do worry about youself and i know some of you guys hate her or just dont like her and i get it some of you guys have your opinion and you dont have to like them but words are powerful and everyone is human so that all im done for good this time.

  • Nicki

    Omg! She act like he can’t talk or hang with other girls. Mmmm! The word jealous.

    • BelieberIsForever <3

      Exactly ;)

  • oara

    Why is it a crime for a 20 yr old to date . For god sake

    • rj


  • Belieber

    Hollywood life lies all the time about Justin & selena. So I dont know if it’s true, but if he wants a commited relationship w/ Sel then he shouldn’t hang around other girls all the time and maybe see her more. Not saying he cant have any friends that are girls. Selena gets jeaulous all the time when he does and that doesn’t help the relationship.

  • Belieber

    Hollywood life lies all the time about Justin & selena. So I dont know if it’s true, but if he wants a commited relationship w/ Sel then he shouldn’t hang around other girls all the time and maybe see her more. Not saying he cant have any friends that are girls. Selena gets jeaulous all the time when he does and that doesn’t help the relationship.

  • Azaria Paris Magee

    I really don’t see Justin being the type to do an open relationship. I dunno, could be wrong, but I just can’t fathom it being true.

  • biebs4lyf

    If this is true, it isn’t very christian of him.
    it’s funny how he always pulls out the religious talk when he is getting bad press, but otherwise he forgets his religion

    • Recovry ッ

      He doesn’t seem the sort of person to be in an open relationship.Those other girls he hangs around with – most of them already have boyfriends.Many a times when he meets them it’s strictly business (Wiz-Khalifa’s girlfriend , Kylie and Kendall- It was for some shoots and campaigns) don’t drag religion in this

  • Belieber

    Why is everybody especially those Physcho “jelena” fans are so hung up on Justin mingling around with other girls other than Selena?. For starters like many others like myself think the whole “Jelena” relationship is fake. Point blank she is just using him to gain her own fame out of it then she ditches him and shades him every way possible once her project is done. That is the reality and many of the “jelena” and “Selenators” like to live in a bubble when many of us see right through Selena and her actions. It’s a repeated cycle over and over again, nothing new.

    2ndly There is NO RING on Justin’s finger, SO it means he can hang out with other girls as he wishes. He is 20 years old and still has alot of life to live. He is at the age where he is figuring himself out, he is acting like any other college boys his age would. He likes chicks and there is no denying that chicks dig him. If he wants to live as a single man with no commitment then so be it and let him live his life the way he wants to!. Regardless the fact if Hollywood life is full of garbage ( which they are ) point still stands that Justin is only 20 and he isn’t married. I can’t wait for the day he finds the ONE girl to be serious with so Selena can be out of the picture forever. God forbid Justin hangs with another girl that Selena acts like a poor little victim! that girl needs to let go of Justin and let him move on. That ho bag keeps leeching on him and following him like a puppy dog!.

    • Belieber

      Everything you said is right

      • Kiki Charleus

        no everything she said was wrong. how the heck does she know? does she live with selena or justin? no. you don’t know their lives, and you don’t know what they’re doing. So don’t act like you know everyone’s life, you’re not God.I also hate all the hate Selena gets. She’s the devil, while the man-whore who hangs and sleeps with all the girls, is a angel, right. What is wrong with you people. Even if Selena went out of the picture and Justin started dating another girl, you guys would still be hating on her. I hate when Beliebers think they have a chance with Justin and that no girl can be with him but them. You guys need to grow the hell up and get some Jesus in you. Amen.

      • Belieber

        Look i never said i was God, the evidence of their relationship is fake is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Yes Justin did and probably still does love Selena, But he is so warped by Selena’s manipulative ways by playing with his head to get him to think that Selena does love him. There’s been evidence that Justin’s team does not like Selena and wants her to stay away, There are evidence that Justin’s friends does not like Selena, there were tweets in the past by Justin’s friends of their dislike of the “Jelena” reunion. There is the repeated cycle again and again where Selena comes around ONLY when her project is out in the making but disapears for good when her projects is good. It’s all there, it’s YOU that are blind to see the truth. As a matter of fact is pretty common for many HOLLYWOOD Celebrities to hook up together to gain one’s career, there even have been celebrities have have gotten married just so they can get one’s career going. It is nothing new in Hollywood, there is only a very very few legitimate relationships/marriage in Hollywood. So tell me again, what does this have to do with God? You fail!

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        Agreeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddd :)

        Thank you, preach it girl!!!!!! :) I love you <3

      • Haha

        Haha wow! You make me laugh. Do you know how stupid you sound. ” Justin’s team does not like Selena and wants her to stay away.” That’s funny, because instead of having Selena go out with Justin to the zoo and movies, they want him sitting around with his “friends” smoking weed and getting high. Where the hell did you get that from? Oh, and “There are evidence that Justin’s friends does not like Selena, there were tweets in the past…” Haha. You must not know that Alfredo Flores and Selena are friends and that Alfredo is Justin’s best friend so what Alfredo thinks of Selena matters most to Justin. Girl, you must be stalking the wrong twitter accounts because there is no way Justin’s friends would not disrespect Justin’s decision. If you didn’t know it takes two to make a relationship, so if Justin wants to be with Selena, so what? And if she was “using” him, he would know and dump her ass. Love does not make you that blind. Lastly this had nothing to do with God, I was just mentioning how you comment like you know their lives like the back of your hand, and since your not in their lives and your not God, why you acting like you know everything? I’m not blind, I have 20/20 vision, you’re just in denial and need some counseling. Thank you, Goodbye. Now I’m swimming away from your bullshit. LOL.

      • Belieber

        another thing, Justin can date whomever he wants most of us rather see him with Chantel or Barbara palvin than Selena because we all know Selena is is a fame seeker. So your “you guys would not like any girl Justin dates” is irrelevant and old, so it’s YOU that needs to get over it..

      • Lailani

        Uh hello Selena is the only girl for Justin. They do have chemistry and strong connection.

      • BelieberIsForever <3

        SHUT UP ANNOYING FREAK AND NO THEY DON”T… I think Justin and Arianna are great together :) It’s JARIANNA <3 not JELENA

        And I do agree with @Belieber

      • Lailani

        WTF, are you serious or just a idiot. Uh Ariana has a boyfriend you moron. STFU.

      • #1belieber

        Halelujah @Belieber!

  • Birk

    What gossip site is this, don’t tell me…. Hollywood Life?

  • me

    omg is this is real imma kill him !.. hes turning really different and hes just not the same guy i love anymore ..

  • Jelenalostlove

    I gave up on the both of them. I loved them with all my heart now the both broke me

  • jbsnewgirl


  • saydiez

    you used to like Selena Gomez now you like another woman idiot

  • Justin

    Well huh Justin bieber needs to get a roll check ..here’s my check,for 1500.00 Justin

  • justinbieberloverforlife

    I think him an Selena should be done because they have a on an off relationship is going to be together or what